Dying To Be Me.

dying to be me

This is a book by Anita Moorjani. I was led to this book by the same people who had persuaded me to read Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander about which I had written in my post Too Strange. The idea was to debate the whole issue of NDE and willful curing of cancer after I had explored what Dying To Be Me was all about.

I was actually asked to listen to Anita Moorjani’s TED talk but I preferred to send for the book and read it. Since it was available in the kindle version, it was a simple matter of downloading it and reading it.

I await an opportunity to debate the topics with the people who exposed me to these two subjects, but this post is about the book. The book is worth a read for those interested in the unusual. I am not impressed and I think that such matters are best left alone and not speculated on. I am sceptical about the experience explained, the spiritual innuendos and the bringing in of Wayne Dyer into the equation to perhaps just plug the book.

The author may be stating truths about her experience but considering her background that I researched before I commenced writing this post, I think that a lot of the writing is ghost written. While that may be acceptable publishing practice to ensure sales of the book, I personally found it rather stilted and unlike anything that someone with that kind of a background can come up with. Had the ghost writer, if as I suspect there had been one, been given proper credit, the credibility of the author would have been higher with me.

Unless I personally undergo a Near Death Experience, and / or miraculously cure one of my health problems through the belief system propagated by Ms. Moorjani, I am afraid that I am through with NED and Miraculous Cures.

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  1. I’m also sceptical of supposed natural healing and miracle cures. From what I can gather, they seldom work, and even if they appear to, there are probably other factors involved. Conventional medical treatments may often seem unnatural and clumsy, but the fact is they’re more likely to be effective than tuning in to your inner shaman or whatever.
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    1. As I should have started, I was literally forced to read these two books so that I can arbitrate in a debate. The debate is yet to take place and I shall write again after it does.

  2. Strong emotive post, Ramana, written with your heartfelt conviction.

    “Miracle” cures stink to high heaven. Some of the most “full of life” as the stupid saying goes have lived till they died. Not because they didn’t “fight” or were not “positive” and all that psycho babble stuff – but because their BODY gave out. Even of a motor wheezing we are more forgiving.

    As I am writing this I have the nose bleed from hell. Yes, the drops of rose red on white tissue. Beauty in contrast. Mind over matter? As you know I am not exactly a weakling but that nose bleed is not taking instructions from me. Good.

    Other than that I swear by camomile tea to cure all ills. And freshly grated ginger when the world falls apart.

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  3. I hesitated to write here when you address such topics as I’ve left all that behind me quite a while ago and entered the church of reality and free thinking.
    I prefer to forge my own path and have my own experiences and take occasional breathers in the realm of fiction.
    Maybe you are exhausted also from the never-ending “seeking”.

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    1. No, I am not exhausted. The fun in seeking is just the seeking itself and finding anything! Be that as it may, I had to read the two books so that I can arbitrate in a debate that will take place soon. I shall write about the outcome of the debate when it does.

  4. i saw her on one of dr dyer’s programs on our public service station.
    she spoke quite well.
    he lost his battle with leukemia this year. just a few months ago you know. sad.
    i liked him very much.
    perhaps his own interest in her was their mutual experience of cancer.
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  5. having lived within “chronic ill health” for decades I’m well aware of miracle cures 🙂 and usually just ignore the material – usually given to me by well-meaning people… who I may have said on other blogs “say the darnest of things that make my eyes roll from time”

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