5 thoughts on “E For Elderly.”

    1. I have my reservations about its efficacy though Tikno. Quite how many Seniors will show it is yet to be seen and quite how other drivers on the road will react to it is also yet to be seen.

  1. What a great idea. I visited Delhi in 2009 travelling around by train, bus, car and tuc tuc. I didn’t drive, I couldn’t have done, it was terrifying!! but amazingly it all flowed.

  2. I quibble over language — to me elder designates simply a capable older person including one quite able to safely drive a car, while elderly suggests someone older who is quite unwell, rather incapable of many activities, probably including driving a car due to physical and/or cognitive problems.

    I am concerned many others will view older people (as many already do whether or not true) by the latter term. So, an “E” in the window could well draw unwelcome attention and undesirable treatment to the elder person.

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