Eating The Indian Sun.

During winters many Indians¬† sit in their gardens in the sunlight to get some warmth in their ageing bones. This is called Dhoop Khana in Hindi which translates to ‘eating the sun’.
My GP had recently suggested that I sit in the sun for some time every day to get some Vitamin D which I do every afternoon when we get some sunlight in our verandah. The photo above was taken by an amused well wisher recently during one such session when I was musing over matters of great import while warming my ancient bones.  Pleas click on the image for a larger resolution if you wish to see how lost I was!

The point of this post however is not to show off my musing skills or to talk about my ancient bones but, to talk about something else.

In one of my earlier posts, I had written about our garden abutting a major avenue of our neighbourhood where I get to see many morning exercisers. Those early morning observations however are vastly different in quality as, the overall silence is not broken except for the chirping of birds.

During my afternoon sessions at the verandah however, the quality is different as, for some strange reason our mock picket fence abutting the road seems to attract many people to stop and converse on their mobile phones or, sometimes even to each other. The latter incidents can be quite tense as often major quarrels take place and I have had to shout to get the characters involved to take their quarrels elsewhere.

While I do appreciate the two wheeler drivers who stop to take phone calls instead of talking while riding, why choose the spot just outside our garden baffles me.  Similarly, quarrelling on the road while may be justified, why choose that particular spot is too.

Do such baffling disturbances trouble you too?

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  1. What a lovely picture of you Ramana. It is definitely a frameable. It’s how I would picture you.

    And yes, I can’t bear shouting of any kind so I would be nearly traumatized listening to such argumentative interactions.


    1. Thank you. I am not usually photogenic but, this one caught me unawares and so has come out well. I am not traumatized by the noise, just annoyed and also disgusted that such private matters can be brought out so loudly in public.

  2. Perhaps, your garden area leads them to think they have more privacy there than others along your street, and maybe don’t even notice you there. That would be annoying though. Wonder where your mind was going with that pensive look?

    1. No, they don’t notice me there. They are so absorbed in their own affairs that nothing else seems to matter to them.

      I can’t remember what I was thinking of at that time. The photograph was taken without my knowledge.

  3. oh Sean.
    a perfect picture of the guru of Pune!
    I can see why that wonderful terrace is a pull. for lots of reasons!
    and the people who argue there behind the wall… are just unconscious. and unaware. Their Loss! xoxo

  4. interesting what happens if you have a patio overlooking a thoroughfare – I live down a driveway know as a ROW. I don’t usually see many people, but cats “yes” until this morning when out of the corner of my eye (was making art) I saw something a bit fluffier and bigger disappear down the back.
    Jumped up and saw one of the “yapping little dogs from the other house that backs on to the driveway” – so I yelled out towards what was an open window – and at that minute the little dog starts “yapping” – finally the little man from over there comes down the driveway and finally has the little dog leave off “yapping at me” – it wasn’t a big dog but it seemed have really sharp teeth – fortunately the steps stopped it coming up (I would have slammed the door shut)
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Going with the (my) flow

    1. We have plenty of street dogs in our neighbourhood. They are all however cared for by the locals and particularly by my son and daughter in love. They are much better behaved than the human visitors.

  5. The only disturbances in this area are the school pupils coming and going (when the schools finally reopen, that is). People also like to stop and chat under our cherry tree, for no obvious reason.

    You do look splendidly relaxed as you soak up the sunshine!

    1. I remember that you had written about it earlier. We have that problem temporarily suspended due to Covid. The boarding school from across the road has reopened but, the other day school is yet to.

      Thank you. I am usually very relaxed and laid back.

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