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  1. reminds me of the american dugger family … michelle and jim bob… i think they’re now 19 and counting. or maybe it’s 20 and counting now. i find that ridiculous.
    but i think most of the current problems of the world are caused by over population.
    so i’m not a good one to ask about achieving that kind of ambition!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. Sorry, but, no! That kind of effectiveness is counterproductive. A goal of having 100 children is wrong in so many ways… and, then, he calls “on the government to allocate funds for the food, education, and healthcare of his family.” Selfish, misogynistic, abusive… I can’t think of anything good to say about a person like this.
    Mike recently posted..Dark Sky

  3. Interesting exemplification of effectiveness. He sounds like a great guy: my wives are very supportive (you are not allowed to talk to them).

  4. I find it so difficult to understand this mindset—has the man never heard about overpopulation? Would he care, if he did know? Since he thinks he is a hero, and has his delusions confirmed by others in his culture and religion, he will no doubt continue to procreate, and ask for financial help. Someone, please educate people like him!

  5. What’s the guy trying to prove? We all know that men can (and sometimes do) sow their seeds widely and into their old age.

    I have done the maths: Three wives, thirty five children so far, in fifteen years. Equals 11.67 children per wife/mother. Marvellous. I am sure they all get their fair bit of attention from their respective mothers though, of course, not when their father is screwing the mother one more time. Actually, the maths doesn’t make sense since a pregnancy, on average, takes nine months. Factor in a certain amount of recovery time after every birth and the guy amounts to a swine. Considering that, according to one of your two articles, he is allowed “only” four wives, how his ambition is going to work I’d rather not think about.

    The State should help? Sure, I am all for the State to help any human already living. In his case I think the State can help by applying a piece of string tying his nuts shut.

    Ursula recently posted..Not Trump – MY father

    1. Ursula, he lives in Pakistan. He marches to a drum beat that is different to the ones that the rest of the world marches to. And moreover, he still has permission to get two more wives in achieving his ambition.

  6. definitely the man needs assistance to overcome his urges! as for gov’t assistance, yep get him the vasectomy – he can have just as many urges, just firing “blanks”.

      1. LOL – well I suppose their are “chores” that one must “service” and the adulation of those who are unable to “serve” so well 🙂

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