My exposure to the word effectiveness for the first time was when I got into corporate life and it was drummed into my head by a number of mentors that Peter Drucker was to be kept in mind all the time. I flatter myself that I have been effective rather than efficient in my life. So rather than bore my readers with a long pontification on the topic, let me share somethings that to my mind are very effective.

My young friend and ex blogger Ashok posted this on his facebook page recently.

“I am a commerce graduate sir. Have a real estate consulting business as well as a fleet of cabs. My wife and I met through mutual friends, fell in love and got married. She is exceptionally brilliant in economics sir and has a masters degree in arts with a gold medal.

My father also pushed her to do her B.Ed course. I am encouraging her to write the UPSC exam next. My dream is to see her become a bureaucrat and I will become her driver.”- Abdul, my Uber cab driver from today morning.

After seeing numerous instances of patriarchy and oppression of women, conversations like these really inspire hope. India shines every once in a while :)”

There are three stories to demonstrate effectiveness here. The first one of course is that Ashok is a remarkably observant fellow besides being of the kind who can get strangers to talk to him. A very effective young citizen of India doing his bit to change our society as a lawyer.

The second is that of the cab driver. Here is a graduate who instead of asking for doles and reservation from the government has decided to be effective as an entrepreneur. Not only that, he wants to be effective in exploiting opportunities that are available by encouraging his wife to compete and succeed.

And the third, the father in law in the story who unlike most of his ilk, wants his daughter in law to study and qualify for a professional life instead of again asking for favours from society. And, more importantly, instead of being a girl at home cooking for and looking after the menfolk!

Another case of effectiveness at its best. A corporate advertisement that strikes the right cords and conveys a powerful message too.

The story starts with an old Indian man telling his grand daughter about his pre partition times in Lahore and about his childhood friend whose family ran a sweet shop there. The grand daughter uses Google to locate the shop’s telephone number and contacts the childhood friend there. The grandson at the other end in turn uses Google to get passports and visas for the grandfather and himself and both of them eventually land up in Delhi for a reunion of the two childhood friends separated by events outside their control.

Has this post been effective?

I have suggested the topic for this week’s LBC Friday post. You can see what the other writers of the LBC have to say in their respective blogs.  Maria, Pravin and Shackman.

14 thoughts on “Effectiveness.”

  1. I worship on the shrine of efficiency. The definition of which is “to do things well with minimum waste [of time and other resources]”. Its root in Latin “to accomplish”.

    All “effective” means is “to produce an intended result”. HA. The art to do so is to do it efficiently (see above) – not least because if you are efficient you can be effective much more often.

    You ask whether your post was “effective”. Depends on the result you are looking for.

    Ursula recently posted..Rope

  2. Peter Drucker’s words resonated with me. There is such disparity in the ideas behind those words! Of course, I hope to be effective rather than just efficient—it gives more meaning to my life. Although there are days when being more efficient would make my life easier…I seem to waste so much time!

  3. Indeed, a great example of a woman being encouraged to make the most of her intelligence and talents. As you say, there are still too many women looking after men instead of realising their own potential.
    nick recently posted..Sticks and stones

    1. In India the phenomenon is much higher than in the West. The name of the driver would suggest that they are Muslims. In that case, in India, it is almost universal among them.

  4. Ah-h-h, Peter Drucker — of one of the colleges in our city — a pleasant man — his wife delightful, active into her 90’s and had been inventive earlier of a device I declined to purchase because new digital technology would create smaller, more compact, much less expensive items. As for your topic, I would query of what use is being efficient if you’re not effective in what you’re trying to accomplish?

  5. Great story, but I’m no longer concerned about being either efficient or effective — I focus more on things that warm my heart. For instance, Joe, a fellow in my Silver Sneakers class. He’s 95 years old and comes almost every day. He leaves his walker at the door and moves slowly, but he comes and participates. And it does make me happy to see him.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..The Universe Is Speaking

  6. what is wrong with me???
    i had tears all through this little video. on so many levels.
    and when they sat in the rain celebrating i laughed with joy!
    and your life very effective i’d say.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  7. I probably shouldn’t point this out, but “effective” is morally neutral. We can celebrate the good that can come when altruistic energy is effective, but those whose intentions are evil can likewise strive for effectiveness.
    Looney recently posted..Real People, Not Actors

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