Endangered Species.

My class mate and friend Narasimha’s son in law Jyotirmoy Dey was murdered in broad day light yesterday. He was a journalist and a fearless reporter of crime and criminals in Mumbai. It is speculated that he paid the price for exposing a gang operating offshore oil robbery for sale onshore at low prices.

While I share Narasimha’s and his family’s grief at this time of shock, my mind goes to Pakistan where too a journalist was tortured and murdered, speculated to be, by the ISI. Enough has been written about that young brave soul, but what is more shocking to me is this story by Umar Cheema, another brave Pakistani journalist.

Suspicion points to criminal gangs in Mumbai and to the ISI in Pakistan. In the former, political nexus is never far away. Both countries have earned great distinctions.

Journalists seem to have become an endangered species in the sub continent.

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