Enlightened Master.

My self appointed acolyte Pravin sent me this mail to celebrate his engagement.  I have simply copy pasted the entire mail.  The cartoon at the bottom is my contribution.  I am suffering from a writer’s block, not a brain block.

“Master Master read this…

I am not going to ask you this question 😀

But yes I would say though – “But you are a wise and enlightened man!

STUDENT: Master, what happens to us when we die?
MASTER: How should I know?
STUDENT: But you are a wise and enlightened man!
MASTER: Yes, but I am not a dead one. ”  

'It was nice of tou yo come all this way but most people just visit my website.'

13 thoughts on “Enlightened Master.”

  1. Congratulations Pravin! Now that your engagement is more-or-less a public celebration, thanks to RR fudging to deal with his writer’s block, here is one more piece of unsolicited advice.
    Find small and big ways to demonstrate that you care about your mate. Everything else just follows.

      1. Pravin, Vignesh is my cousin cum nephew. That is a double whammy. He has got the better side from one side and the worse side from the other. When you meet him, ask him and he will explain.

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