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Last week I had an occasion to try out some nice ice cream at a food court in a mall close to my home. I enjoyed the ice cream but, I enjoyed the experience of the banter with the young man shown above.

To start with, I asked him if he would mind my taking his photograph and blogging about him to which he cheerfully replied no, not at all and wondered why I would want to. I explained that even if I developed the courage to sport a hair do like he had, I simply would not be able to because I was bald and he almost fell into the bucket of ice cream laughing, that would be the top photograph.

I also told him that I envied him his chutzpah for the hair do as well as the ear stud and had he been fair he would have blushed.  On enquiring about his love life, he gave me an enigmatic smile but two house keeping ladies of the Mall who were observing the banter chipped in and said that there were two girls fighting over him.

Now you know the reason for the title of this post.

9 thoughts on “Envy!”

  1. Lucky guy. Only two girls fighting over him?

    The Angel who has the patience of a saint until he runs out of it does have complete strangers (girls/women) come up to him and touch his long blond locks in wonderment.

    Your post made me smile and go through the whole gallery of youngsters (not least my many nephews) I know. Linking their hair ‘style’ with the person as I perceive them. And we have everything: Long, dread, shaven, boring, the stylized like in your above example. I am suspicious of the highly stylized (regardless of gender). Though the young man in your example clearly does have a sense of humour. And can’t be short of confidence. But not quite as much courage as the Angel’s laid back approach.

    Other than that: I do have an ice cream maker. Will travel. Enjoy.

    Ursula recently posted..Down the gully

    1. It will be treat to meet your Angel. I hope that I get to. I love to get into conversations with young bucks with look-at-me apparel, or looks or jewelry and have a lot of fun bantering with them. Luckily we have not yet got to the stage where such innocent fun is mistaken for predatory approaches by old bandicoots.

  2. Unlike you, I don’t particularly envy the fact that he has two women fighting over him. Not to imply that I am experienced in such things, if one woman can make your life a living hell, just think about what two competing women could do! 🙂

    As far as his hair, at least it appears to be his natural color and doesn’t have any purple or orange streaks running through it! 🙂
    Alan G recently posted..The Porterhouse Movies….

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