I received this in my spam box!  Please click on it to get a larger resolution.

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When mobile phones were first introduced in India, I could not really afford them but my employer insisted that I use one bought and paid for by them, and I had to learn how to use that. Unfortunately, those days, the kind of controls and management of SIM cards were rather primitive and I was allotted a number that was previously used by an escort.

You can imagine the kind of calls that I used to receive and the kind of responses that they would elicit from me.

One particularly annoying call was from a male asking if I was a male escort and if so he would be very interested in meeting up with me. He simply would not believe me when I told him that the number has been allotted to someone new and I had to keep turning the handset off to stop him from pestering me.

Anyway, that was my introduction to the world of escorts and I find this spam comment in my in box intriguing for its appeal! I wonder how many people would respond!

I wrote this post to enter into a short story contest being held by Holly at her blog. If you can get to read this before the expiry, you might like to participate!

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