Espresso Maker.

When I was in Chennai in February for a family re-union, I stayed with Sheela and Mohan, my cousin and his wife and was spoilt silly by them. During that stay, Mohan kept me going with some excellent coffee and would not share his secret of making that particular coffee till almost the last day of my stay there. After much persuasion, he finally shared his secret and introduced me to this wonderful gadget.
coffee maker

It is a Cucina Pro Aluminum Stove Top Espresso Maker which is simple to use and gives some excellent coffee. I got this imported and supplied by an online merchant by late February and since then have been enjoying some excellent coffee and also making the same for visitors who too appreciate it. Luckily, I can get very good quality coffee powder in the neighbourhood Cafe Coffee Day, without too much difficulty and that is a great advantage as otherwise, I would have had to go to the city to get it.

It is a pity that Mohan does not have an Olga. Otherwise, that machine will not be able to keep me away from parking myself with him at Chennai for long durations.


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  1. Cucina Pro may be a passable substitute, it is always Bialetti Moka Espresso for the cognoscenti ( or is it Millicento???)

  2. Jenny has had one of those espresso makers for some years and she just loves the coffee it produces. I’m not an espresso fan myself so I have no opinion to offer.
    nick recently posted..A move too far

    1. Mohan and I were in touch again following the post appearing online and he promises to send me one packet of some extraordinarily powerful coffee soon. I shall post about that again. Since I found the machine, I have given up on instant coffee which was my staple for many years.

    1. WWW, you are a treat. No one has offered to park me any where so far, even our mutual acquaintance, one Ms. Parker. The idea has its merits though. In this case, too many cooks will not spoil the broth.

  3. I got this message from a dear friend in Chennai. “Ramana,
    The next time you are in Chennai please come and enjoy the Nespresso coffee. I got myself this coffee maker and the capsules to make different kinds if coffee. You will love this.

    1. They are. When I go on holidays, I depend on people like Mohan who features in my post and Rajam who features in one of the comments on this post, to provide me with coffee!

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