Ethics II.

In my post Ethics, Blackwatertown commented:

“I wonder if the growing chasm between what the lower levels of corporations are paid and the highest levels has something to do with it. The sky’s the limit for some. They may feel they don’t breathe the same oxygen as lesser mortals. Sure, there have always been significant differentials, but these seem to have increased by a couple of powers of ten in the past few years.

And perhaps as older structures of society and respect break down (perhaps deservedly) without necessarily being replaced by something better and robust, money steps into the gap as the be all and end all.
Ethics classes? Good. If only so culprits caught later can’t reasonably plead “I didn’t know.”

The mother of all banking corporations, The I.M.F. sets an example in the area of ethics, and perhaps also in the area of compensation that BWT identifies as possibly influencing behaviour.

Please read this mind blowing article in the New York Times.

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