Exceptional Customer Service.

Two local businesses gave me service of exceptional nature including going out of their way to deliver their products at home for me, considering my senior citizen plus vulnerable status. These two businesses however have to remain anonymous but I shall use the names using their initials so that I can send a link to this post to them to convey my gratitude.

The first one involves many people. I wanted a Kerala speciality normally not available in local shops and thought it best to approach a friend in Mumbai PJ, who had relatives in Pune to get information of a shop that would sell this speciality. He promptly got it for me from his relatives here, with the shop’s phone number. I rang up the shop and spoke to the owner. Mr F in Malayalam and expressed my need to him. I also enquired if he could arrange for home delivery explaining my situation to him. He promptly assured me that he would arrange for home delivery and he made good his promise by late evening. I thanked the person who came to deliver and discovered that he was Mr.R, the brother of the person that I had spoken to and that they were both partners in the shop.

To say that I was zapped is an understatement.

The next one was even more strange. I wanted something that is typically Maharashtrian and found a shop that sells this in the heart of our city. I rang them up and spoke to the owner HH and after exchanging of a few WhatsApp messages, I placed an order to be despatched to me by Indian Post’s Speed Post service.

The next morning, I received a phone call from HH who said that he was very near my residence and wanted directions to it so that he can deliver the material that I had ordered. He duly came and delivered the package after showing me various options that he had brought with him. I placed a further order on him which he said he would deliver again when he next came near my neighbourhood which he did regularly to visit some others for personal reasons.

Here again, I was overwhelmed with the consideration shown by the young man.

This is my little way of expressing my gratitude to these four people who came to my rescue during difficult times.

I hope that this inspires some others to write about good customer service and to inform the people who extended the same.

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  1. I gather these are foods native to the regions you mention Ramana? How lovely you could source them and also get such generous delivery.

    Restores the faith in human nature, right?


  2. You being an able salesman you are able to appreciate prompt home deliveries. Even after retirement you are able to get good service

  3. Dear Ramana

    In the 1980s when I was in Hongkong I read an article in South China Morning Post Sunday edition about a salesman in Tokyo in the famous Nomura Securities. Generally in the then-Japanese system (perhaps still continuing), any employee joining any organization generally does not get to the top which is always reserved for the family members of the promoters.

    On a cold winter day, one of the rich clients of Nomura had advised one of the dealers in Nomura to keep buying stocks of a particular company. As the dealer went on buying and after a level wanted a confirmation from the client whether he can keep buying the stocks as the price was going up. He received positive instructions from his client and he kept buying. After some time he found the stock of that company going down, and he checked with his customer who encouraged him to keep buying. The stock kept going down further and further and all his efforts to reach his client failed. (no alternative other than landlines those days). Further Japanese men generally spend the evening in clubs and return home late. The dealer went to the client’s house where his wife told him he had not come even by 11 pm. Generally, women in Japan do not allow men into their house unless accompanied by her husband. The dealer sat down on the stairs of the client’s house and dozed off with his heavy long coat as it was sub-zero winter days.

    The client returned home around 3 am and found a person sleeping near the staircase to the house and woke him up. The dealer woke up and took time to introduce that he is from Nomura and was apologetic that he was not able to contact him as the stock of the particular company had nose-dived and he did not know whether to sell what he had bought or buy further.

    The client patted his shoulders and told him not to worry and that he would meet him in the Nomura office the next day.

    What happened thereafter over the years that this particular dealer rose to the level of General Manager of Nomura Securities, which is an exception in the then Japanese system.

    After a few days of my reading this, I attended a cocktail at a Japanese Bank, where I met a Jap who said that he is from Nomura. I told him the story I read in the paper about a person who rose to the top in Nomura. He thanked me and said he was happy to meet me for having read his story and said “I had nothing extra-ordinary except sincerity!”.

    When I read your musing today about 2 salesmen or owners who went out of the way to serve a customer, I recollected the above story. I do not remember that Jap’s name (difficult to pronounce and for Indians, it is an uncommon name unlike Christian names*) when I met him nor even now.
    This is the reason all Hongkong Chinese have an additional Christian name (introduced by the then ruling Britishers in the colony) which becomes easier for them to remember, pronounce and address them. I had a few drivers employed during my years in Hong Kong whose Christian names are the ones I remembered. Their ID cards, driving licenses all have dual names. I don’t know now under Chinese rule.

    1. That is a very interesting story. I have many other stories in my repertoire of good customer service but, these two just happened to me at this lockdown situation which I thought was extraordinary and merited a blog post.

  4. It’s great when someone puts themselves out to give you a bit more than bog-standard service. I haven’t experienced much of that myself for a while. Maybe people don’t think I’m old enough or vulnerable enough?

    1. You are neither as old as I am nor have the health issues that I have and I hope that you never have the latter. I suppose that it is how one communicates with vendors that makes the difference. I have received other observations from friends who read my post but who don’t comment there that they have had very bad experiences.

  5. there is something. perhaps in your whole demeanor.
    it comes through in your voice.
    kindness comes through. and I think it is responded to in kindness.
    and years of your personal practice. xo

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