a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.
“her cheeks were flushed with excitement”
synonyms: exhilaration, elation, animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, anticipation, feverishness, fever, delirium, agitation, emotion, fire, fieriness, intensity, zeal, zest; More
something that arouses a feeling of excitement.
plural noun: excitements
“the excitements of the previous night”
synonyms: thrill, thrilling sensation, exciting sensation, adventure, treat; More
sexual arousal.
synonyms: arousal, sexual arousal, passion, fire, glow; More

WWW while commenting on my post Reading, said:-  “Is it the excitement and perhaps wanting to sustain it?”

She also suggested that I write a post on excitement and she too would giving a link to my post and here I go.

Most people live in the ‘to do’  and the ‘to have’ modes which two modes lead to all kinds of excitements or other reactions, depending on the outcomes.  I try all the time to live in the ‘to be’ mode, as I tried to explain in my post on A Reason For Being.  The idea being to reach a permanent state of equanimity. A state where I am simply content.  The key word in that statement however is ‘try’.  What helps is a genetic predisposition to low blood pressure which I am told by my GP is a great advantage to have in modern conditions.

At my present stage of life and health there is little that excites, enthuses or arouses me but perhaps WWW has identified the subconscious need for excitement and prolonging that state during my reading of action / thriller books.  It is certainly a possibility.  Now I have to find a way to handle that situation.  Let me see if WWW has a solution when she writes on the same subject.

8 thoughts on “Excitement!”

  1. I also like a book to excite me. A book may have a clever plot, interesting characters and be written well, but if it doesn’t excite me in any way I see it as lacking something.

  2. I think I equate it to a thrill, Ramana, what thrills me and I’ve just posted on my blog what that means.

    Having said all that a couple of months ago I was at a session (Trad Irish Music) and the fiddler who was a man far younger than I, had an elan and virtuosity and subsequently a personality that rattled my cage. I was only delighted that these feelings, tho not acted upon, were still actually there.

    TMI perhaps.

    Carry on with the thrillers my good man.


    1. I can relate WWW. I suspect that this phenomenon is more common among men than women and you are an exception who can articulate that experience while other women may balk at it!

  3. I just read WWW’s post, too. I define excitement more broadly – maybe moments of joy. And my list is long, all of them involving doing or witnessing something. None about acquiring new things.

  4. Maybe Rummuser your excitement come from “just a way…” and something you do not think of it in terms that others do. I would venture to say the people in your life bring you “joy” a kind of excitement as such.

    In the case of others and I noted the “numbers” over on the other blog – is from “moments encountered” – and then of course CM has experience recently another kind of excitement.

    Currently I’m excited to realise that anything I care to do – is for my pleasure, and leisure (well I hope so, need confirmation from art prog folk that “all done”) but I’m not worrying on that score right now…hence off on a much longer trip next week for some R & R.

    1. I think that it is a fine difference in our understanding of the term ‘excitement’. What interests me may perhaps be called excitement while for me excitement would be something vastly more stimulating.

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