Existential Question.


Okay, I have got wrinkles, I have got a friar’s fringe that is grey but I am bald on top, and I have got scars that others can see as well some that are hidden below clothes.

I however have an existential question.


Luckily, I live in India where this question is never asked but I dread the prospect of having to apply for a driving licence in countries where it is asked.

14 thoughts on “Existential Question.”

  1. Hahaha.Yes, well, if I’m ever involved in a road accident they will never id me by my driver’s license. Odd how they demand a new mug shot at ever increasing intervals, but no one changes my weight. Hair grey, eyes hazel, weight what she was at 29 when she got her first license. Seriously I’m going to renew this week, and I bet NO ONE mentions it. (Certainly not me).

  2. I think it’s more “eye colour” here – and actually although I tried to change my eye colour when it was found that they were really hazel not brown, the system refused to do it. I no longer have a drivers licence…

    yes I think invisible would be bald headed colour – when I think of the new fashionable guy “head shave” here, that could well be a problem… “sorry I can’t travel, I have to grow a very strands of hair, for ID”

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