14 thoughts on “Expectations In Matrimony III.”

  1. In India the marriage is researched by the parents & then arranged. The ones I saw were stable & good. Much better than hopping in & out of marriages without any research.

  2. i just can’t get my head around arranged marriages.
    i fell so hard and forever for my bob. i would have hated to miss that experience. and to fall in love and be able to marry that person. there is something so special about it. i was simply lucky actually. it was not only love but a fabulous friendship. even MORE important i think.
    however. all THAT was back in the dark ages!!!
    maybe in today’s world . . . arranged marriages would be safer and better! LOL. especially if the arranger knew you well and what you needed or wanted in a mate.
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  3. Well, last time you said that you are too set in your ways to be married. Don’t you think all other men who remarry are also set in their ways? And what about the women they marry? Everyone is set in their ways, but marriage is about working it out anyway. I say go for it. 🙂
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    1. Right you are then. I shall indeed go for it. I just have to find someone crazy enough to want to experiment with me and I have another lady playing cupid trying to find someone!

  4. In some ways the “arrangements of marriages” seems like a better way – if it is to work, a lot of compromise I guess needs to be dealt with – because you probably don’t know their exact habits, even if you meet in the process. Because we all have habits that only shine forth when we are alone with another…well that’s my opinion.

    Since my disastrous marriage split up, I have got very set in my ways. Although much of that has to do with my health issues which wax/wane depending on all kinds of …

    We were of course fine (together) in the early years then we starting sliding off in different directions and that became a problem…
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    1. In arranged marriages too, that can happen. If it does not, at least here, it is usually because, one of the partners simply gives up and goes through the motions of staying married.

      1. A lot of arranged marriages in India just prod along. I guess it becomes a habit. There are no guarantees in life and not many stuck in unhappy marriages are willing to take a gamble. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure limit their moves. Yet, hats off to the brave ones. I am not speaking from experience, since I am with my best friend of over 4 decades. He just happens to be my husband!!

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