A little background.

My daughter in love and my son, my one and only child are both deeply involved in Animal Welfare activities and have many like minded people come home for meetings and letting off steam. At times, the conversation tends to focus on adoptions of abandoned dogs and I inevitably quip to the person addressing the issue that I too am up for adoption as I do not see my DIL and / or Son much due to their very busy lives.

So, when DIL changed her DP on her WhatsApp page, I copy pasted the same on to a family group with the question, “Guess who stole my DP?”

I posted this on my Facebook page too and before too long, another member of my family, my one and only sister posted this in response.

You can see the play on the name of the author of that quote!

My earnest request to those who visit Facebook is to see the posts to see the comments there which took me to a different dimension of life.

And if you want to see how truly funny we are, you must visit this post and read all the comments there too.

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