Family Occasions.


This week’s LBC topic has been suggested by Maria the gaelikaa who has been preoccupied with family problems and is currently away at Ireland for some family occasions there.  It is therefore unlikely that she will write any time soon for the LBC.

That should not stop some of the others from keeping on at it as Shackman, Lin and I have been regularly doing in the recent past.

I am blessed.  My family only occasionally has occasions.  On the other hand, we have regular events like weddings to attend where everyone meets everyone and comments on how everyone is and also complains about everything under the sun.

I am also blessed that I live far away from where the bulk of my relatives live and so have distance as a very valid excuse not to attend functions.  The last one I attended was last year when I went down South to celebrate my brother in law’s 75th birthday.  My niece had threatened me with dire consequences if I was not present and so I went.  I was very pleasantly surprised that I had such a grand time!

There was another occasion just two months ago with a cousin celebrating his wife’s landmark birthday, again back in the South.  I did not go.  I am on the blacklist of that side of the family.  I however hope to get off that list because of my age which I use to justify my eccentricity.


22 thoughts on “Family Occasions.”

  1. I seldom do occasions either – the main reason has to do with “comments” which are rarely on the positive side of things. Somehow my family seem to think that any occasion is a good time to remind me of certain things! Probably won’t do family/Xmas this year as there are intruders from Aussie who will just make it worse…I usually do something with a friend who has no family here, we have had some memorable Xmases together!

  2. You have a big family and you enjoy everything so every moment, I have seen is occasion for you.

    My take on the topic is very different and perhaps completely irrelevant from the reason of the topic. You know where my drift would be 😀

  3. Our families are too far away (east coast & west coast) to go to Events. Just as well. We’re not into traveling much these days.

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