My friend who is quite adept with Photoshop must have had some really free time from her usually busy schedule to have fantasised about me! ย I am flattered and wish to share her fantasies so that you can understand the need for her to fantasise.

She must have been thoroughly bored with this avatar of mine.


So she decided that I should look like this.

She gave some more thought and was somehow not quite happy with what she got when she found this one.

Seeing such a holy and happy visage she decided that such a revered personality needs some Obeisance and produced something that she called Ob(ama)eisance.

I had no inkling about all the fantasising and was blissfully ignorant till she sent the images to me with much affection and hoped that I would not blow a gasket. I did not. How could I? Such amazing creativity and flattery! After the dust settled down, and I had posted these images on facebook to much comment and amusement, we spoke to each other and I promised to post an image that reflects the real me. No frills, no ego trips, nothing. Just plain old me.

Happy APR?

18 thoughts on “Fantasising.”

  1. ๐Ÿ˜€ … Well, what’s not to love about those photos!! She did a great job and I’m sure you will enjoy them for a time to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. He he! What wonderful transformations! I had no idea you were a dedicated body-builder or Obama’s daily inspiration. That humble picture of you in your armchair has obviously been misleading us all for years.

  3. waiting with bated breath for the next photos.
    baited breath? bated breath.
    can hardly wait!
    EXCEPT… even in fantasy… HATE the lumpy body builder body.
    YUK in the extreme. only thing good about it is your beautiful head.
    tammyj recently posted..jerkinโ€™ your chain?

    1. Okay. I am shortly off on a vacation and shall try and get some new photographs from a new place. And thank you for that very nice compliment! I flatter myself that what is inside is more beautiful.

  4. Fantasizing…hmmm. Not the word I’d have used, but I suppose men must flatter themselves any way they can ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the kind words (blush) but that godawful image was so you could fulfill YOUR fantasy, not mine. I’m glad it’s off now and you’re back to your normal endearing self. Incidentally, I really like the head shot of you where you’re laughing and have turned your face away – I’ve saved it for my collection. Bulked-up hunks, sorry to burst your collective sinewy bubble, but we women prefer our men buff but not muscle-bound. In fact, the physical aspect matters less than how you actually make us feel – about ourselves and about you. Regarding the Ob(eisance)ama image – again, YOUR fantasy/ego boost. You KNOW you loved it.

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