First, I got this from a friend who knows that I am a minimalist.

In the video the Swamiji is talking about a new store opening in Mumbai. He talks about the high rent that the shop pays and also points out that a film star Rishi Kapoor having tweeted what is on sale at the store.

The Swamiji then quotes Oscar Wilde – “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

And, finally, I got to read this article in one of the newspapers that I get, about Actress Parineeti Chopra displaying the latest fashion!

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  1. I have never got that deliberately torn hole thing of recent years. Ok, if it’s an honest hole because, say, my petticoat tore when I climbed a fence (it was Sunday and on Sundays even children had to dress up) but to deliberately trash your clothes? Nah. And pay for it? Double nah.

    What I find vaguely annoying about it is that it’s so contrived, so artificial, so “look at me, ain’t I cool”. Tragedy is that nothing makes anyone more NOT cool than trying hard to be cool.

    Good to see you staying en vogue.

    Ursula recently posted..Sea Change

  2. ” Tragedy is that nothing makes anyone more NOT cool than trying hard to be cool. ”
    ursula hit the nail right on the head. but the gullible masses never seem to get that.
    the latest here is the ‘muddy jeans’ look. literally. jeans that look like you have been rolling around in the mud. or perhaps… actually doing an honest day’s labor on a farm?
    as if.
    love the oscar wilde quote.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. I personally have never followed fashion and wore what was comfortable and conservative. I was often ragged for it by my colleagues but could not care less. I find these aberrations, silly and the pricing for the label vulgar. Sillier are the people who buy these things.

  3. I have been known to wear jeans with holes in them and so have my children but the ones pictured here are beyond cool and just look shabby.
    The pink t-shirt pictured is ridiculous, it looks worse than a rag and surely it must be insulting to the poorest of the poor who are forced to wear similar items?

    Fast fashion is a scourge on the planet and I wish we could bring back the day when clothing required significant financial outlay. People would look better, it would ease pressure on the planet and it might also allow us to make fair payment to the slaves in the sweatshops.

  4. I think these contrived clothes are shabby looking and convey nothing of meaning to me at all, fashion be d…..! That said, I was surprised a couple years ago to discover my middle-aged son wearing a pair of the “holy” jeans. This was especially surprising to me because he never cared about fashion and usually would have been anti, if anything. Maybe his MIL gifted him a pair as she tends to go more with the flo. I can’t imagine anyone wanting the latest fad of the mud-covered looking jeans. What could possibly be next? What comes to mind are several possibilities associated with words like regurgitation, excrement.
    joared recently posted..AGEISM — SHARKS — FREE PRESS

  5. Fortunately as a male I can safely ignore all prevailing fashion trends and continue to go my own sweet way regardless. Nobody cares less what I wear as long as it’s clean and presentable. But Jenny keeps a very close eye on female fashion as she would feel very uncomfortable if she strayed too far from the current trends.

    Like Ursula, I’ve never understood the taste for “distressed”and hole-ridden clothes. Or the latest trend for tops with holes on the shoulders.
    nick recently posted..Literary gaffes

    1. To those two qualities of clean and presentable, I would add comfortable in my case. This is something that I learnt from my first Sales Supervisor who impressed on my very impressionable young mind the need to wear comfortable clothes as our work involved considerable movement and often doing it while standing.

  6. I never shall understand the “stressed clothing” fashions. Still, I suppose it does mean that my work clothes are now the height of fashion 🙂
    Regards, Keith.

  7. I try my best to put on mis-matched clothing – but sometimes it’s just a very bright combination that somehow works.

    A couple of months ago, I was wearing one of my bright and green looking outfits – and a woman in a very upmarket store said “everything looks great, it’s all green tones – even your earring…” – I looked down at me and felt honoured that for once in a very long time she was right. But if I had taken off the top layer, she might not have had the same comment.

    And in early summer, I had to buy some new t-shirts – somehow without my innter knowledge I bought 2 that matched almost the 2 skirts I was choosing to wearing with them!!!

    Years ago when my life was rather stressed, I had my clothing nicely stacked – I picked up the “top” item from a pile and put it on…my FRIENDS used to take bets on what I might be wearing “today” and were always amused.

    That stressed time also led to another trait – I didn’t have a lot of time for clothes shopping so I would go into a store and buy 3 tops and 3 bottoms – just making sure they were the right sizes – dash out again AND hope they were wearable

    usually I wore trousers – and they were usually bright yellow, startling blue or bright red, bright white – the top might more or less match or might not. Shoes were usually colourful as well. I remember a pair of red sneaker/types I loved to wear. I loved brightly coloured sox.

    and so forth…then my marriage broke apart and things dramatically changed…as it turned out not for a good reason – clothes-wise. A well meaning friend wanted me to be business like. i.e. black clothing with nothing bright!

    My real friends, said “you’ve not you…” – at the time, I did want to be ordinary and business like, but it’s taken me awhile to relinquish that; as many of the items I bought were long wearing!!!

    1. I learnt from my first Supervisor to always wear comfortable clothes and footwear as our work demanded that we be comfortable throughout the day. I learnt to dress properly with matching items from a very sensible gentleman to whom I was sent by my employers to learn how to! I have never been persuaded to dress otherwise.

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