I personally do not fast but many Indians fast regularly and there are different types of fasts.    I do not consume any cooked food after sun set and if I feel hungry I may just eat some fruits.  Mostly, I restrict myself to just two meals a day and may have some nuts / dry fruits for a snack in between meals.

Fasting is a very integral part of the Indian way of life and members of all the religions follow their own fasting rules and regulations.

For some time now, I have been contemplating fasting for a full 24 hours during one day every week and am much enthused with what I have just found here.

When I start, which I will after I consult my doctor the next time I visit him, I shall inform my readers about what happens.


Do you fast?

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  1. I don’t think I could ever fast, I would get too hungry. I need regular snacks to keep me going. Many years ago I tried the five-day brown-rice-only diet, but I had to give up after three days because I was virtually collapsing with hunger. But I await your own dietary experiment with interest.
    nick recently posted..Name change

  2. I’m with nick. When I was in my 20s, I could go with just one meal a day on occasion. Today, though, I generally eat three times a day. If I don’t eat enough prior to exercise or other physical activities, I may experience shakiness and other symptoms related to hypoglycemia. Losing weight and improving my physical fitness reduces the likelihood of occurrence. Fasting to lose weight would not be an option for me at this time.
    Mike recently posted..Drying Feathers.

    1. My son’s colleague Rahul, a young man of about thirty regularly works out in a gym and is very fit. He fasts one full 12 hour day a week and on another day of the week has only one meal.

  3. The longest I have fasted is 8 days. It’s not something I do regularly any more but occasional fasting is a good thing for most people. Your rule about not eating after sunset is a good idea too.
    shackman recently posted..A Winter’s Tale

      1. The first couple of days just to see if I’d feel any better/worse after “cleansing” my system. The rest of the time I ws just curious to see if I could. I only quit because I was going out for drinks ith afriend and Lynn suggested it mightbe a good idea to eat something first to ensure I could get home in one piece – LOL. She was practical that way.
        shackman recently posted..Common Sense

  4. i don’t fast for the simple reason of nausea! the meds i take for heart have to be taken with food. otherwise. whoa. woozy is the word.
    i think you have a very healthy way of eating already rummy.
    i too usually eat only two meals a day… and i don’t eat after 6 pm.
    period. it seems to be working just fine for me. and i don’t really have food cravings of any kind anymore. used to be SALT! but not so much now. and never had a real sweet tooth. so that’s a nice relief right there!
    i don’t gain nor do i lose. weird! has been that way for some time now.
    tammy j recently posted..jumpin juno!!!

  5. Since I never overeat, I see no reason to fast. My body tells me whether I need food or not. It will be interesting to hear what your doctor says and if he does agree, how long you will stick to the plan.
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  6. I get enough criticism of my vegan way of eating to ever offer any comments about someone else’s choices. According to those “in the know,” I’ve caused my autoimmune illness by not began vegan enough (?), being too vegan (?), eating wheat, not balancing acid and bases, not eating enough fermented foods, not taking pineapple extract or including enough turmeric in my diet, or getting up on the right side of the bed . . . . Well, maybe I made up that last one, but I’ve been earnestly assured I’m causing my own illness (or failing to cure it) by the other choices. You’re a smart man. You’ll decide what’s right for you in consultation with your doctor.

  7. I do better spacing food out during the day. I eat healthy food and don’t have a weight problem, so it seems to be working just fine. As usual, one size doesn’t fit all.
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