I personally do not fast but many Indians fast regularly and there are different types of fasts.    I do not consume any cooked food after sun set and if I feel hungry I may just eat some fruits.  Mostly, I restrict myself to just two meals a day and may have some nuts / dry fruits for a snack in between meals.

Fasting is a very integral part of the Indian way of life and members of all the religions follow their own fasting rules and regulations.

For some time now, I have been contemplating fasting for a full 24 hours during one day every week and am much enthused with what I have just found here.

When I start, which I will after I consult my doctor the next time I visit him, I shall inform my readers about what happens.


Do you fast?

25 thoughts on “Fasting.”

  1. In our religion, we fast once a month. We then donate to the church the money that we would have spent for food. That money is used to help families in our congregation who are in need. But for me, the greatest aspect to fasting is the spiritual benefits. I feel like it gives my spirit power over my physical desires.
    Delirious recently posted..Family Ties

  2. In years past, I used to skip meals running the rat race… now I am seriously contemplating fasting one night a month..just in the planning stages though.. I am also thinking of maintaining silence one night a month.. they say that is therapeutic also.
    Raj recently posted..Tara Devi Ashtakam Audio

    1. I have just been told my doctor that till I am on my current course of treatment, I should not skip any meals. But silence is something that I am constrained to observe any way quite regularly as my son and daughter have very busy lives and I am often alone at home.

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