Father’s Day.

When I woke up and came to the drawing room this morning, there was a message for me on the dining table.  This is a method the children use to communicate with me something important that I should know before they wake up and come downstairs so that I can either be prepared or not do something or both as in this case. This was to tell me not to prepare breakfast for them as well as not have it either.

For the uninitiated, Baba is the term I use to call Ranjan and Baby is the term for Manjiree.  These are terms used by help here to identify male and female children, a colonial hand down as it were.

They came down at their usual time and announced that we will go to The Classic Rock Coffee Company, a restaurant that has opened recently in our neighbourhood which specialises in offering, as you guessed it, Classic Rock Music besides drink, food and coffee.

We were among the first to land up at their outdoor sitting arrangement although their indoor facility was already quite full when we reached the venue. By the time we left, the outdoor space was also filling up and despite the heavy rain, more were coming in. It seems to be quite a popular place to spend a holiday in!

Fathers Day

So, this father was treated to some wonderful old fashioned music and excellent food in great company. The music sent me down nostalgia trip and one topic led to another and like the good conversationalists they are, the two youngsters led me from one subject to another and I had a grand time reminiscing about the good old times.

A great Father’s Day treat indeed.

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