Father’s Day.

My young friend LCG posted this in Facebook.

I think that this is one of the most profound thoughts though, I suspect that the originator had humour in mind rather than profundity.

This year’s father’d day has been rather unusual for me with a flood of WhatsApp messages greeting me for it from people who think that I have been a good father and from those for whom I am a father figure. Both ideas rather unsettling for me.

To add to my musings on this matter, my now fifty year old son Ranjan, came to have a chat with me about some things which is very unusual for him as he is quite busy with his own affairs. His talks took me back to my initial experiences with him as a child.
This photograph was sent to me by a nephew who is now 58! Ranjan would have been about six months old and I did not have a camera those days to record his earlier days. This photograph was taken by a very dear family friend and mentor who had a camera but, it was pre colour film days.
That child today!
I have enjoyed being a father as well as a father figure. How about you, dear reader?

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day.”

  1. Similarities between my father and you
    Both always laugh
    Both answers which turns into solution
    Both live happily without the partner
    Both are masta maullas not bothered about the people

  2. Obviously I’ve never had a Father’s Day as I’m not a father! And oddly enough, I can’t recall my father ever being treated to Father’s Day. So I have no interesting Father’s Day anecdotes for you!

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