Fathers Day Despite Lockdown!

Father’s day has been special for me for three, yes, three reasons. Though it was on the day before yesterday, I am able to write only today as the treats for the day arrived only yesterday.

The first treat was this:
My old faithful a cellphone that had served me well for the past three plus years was beginning to show signs of exhaustion and so, my children decided to update me and my phone. This handy gadget without which I cannot imagine a life, came yesterday and was installed properly by the vendor at home as a special treat for a Senior Citizen.

It took some time for me to learn and get used to the new set and I am fortunate to have two resident experts to guide me around which is a biggest Father’s Day gift of them all.

The next item was the final arrival after much following up due to the lockdown of the three set books on Maratha History that I had written about a month ago!

The third and final item is this magnificent book which is out of print and by chance I was able to lay my hands on the last copy available with an online seller.

A very satisfying Father’s Day indeed!

2 thoughts on “Fathers Day Despite Lockdown!”

  1. Interesting! I’d be quite keen in picking your brains regarding the contents of The Beautiful Tree.

    On a vaguely related note, the picture on the cover suggests a venerable tree which has witnessed a lot silently. Since I am interested (techncially) in forecasting… I found that there is actually some tree-rings data of an ancient tree at:

    (A short page, don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, just look at the dates)

    It is also interesting to re-visit ( you might remember, again vaguely) my earlier post about forecasting, posted before the pandemic: https://ceezone.wordpress.com/2020/10/31/the-world-in-five-sunny-stormy-and-very-possibly-cloudy/
    Srinivas C recently posted..The great reset

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