Favorite Time Of The Year.

I am actually surprised that Shackman has suggested this topic for our Friday 2 on 1 weekly blog posts when both of us write on the same topic. To my rough recollection, by now I must have written at least fifteen blog posts on my favourite time of the year in Pune where I live. It is our monsoon season. It is one of our three main seasons, the other two being Summer and winter. Monsoon starts from around mid June and lasts till early October.

The photograph shown above is of one of the many places around Pune during the monsoon when you can see such waterfalls.

The city itself looks like this often


Our little garden like this:

Everything looks clean and green and the rivers are in spate that makes it a sight to see and cherish.

During the end of the summer seaon, I start looking forward to the arrival of the monsoon season. I love to sit in our veranda and watch the rain fall in our garden. My son and daughter in love simply love to get out in the rain and get wet and Chutki loves to play in the puddles all around the neighbourhood when she is out on her walks.

I always regret the end of the monsoon season though it brings in our festive season.

Please do go over to Shackman’s blog to see what he has to say about the topic.

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  1. I’m not a fan of rain. I prefer sunshine. Which means summer is my favourite season. Instead of fighting off the cold and darkness, I can sit in the garden with a good book and a glass of wine and enjoy the sun and warmth. As I’ve said before, I should have moved to Australia when I was young and kissed this miserable climate goodbye.

  2. Alas I had forgotten about the monsoons but seeing that last pic of Chutki and the one with the motorcyclist reminded me.

    Now about that song – I LOVE CCR, they were a local band to we haywaedites, coming from Emeryville – a 15 minute drive up the freeway, They played at the graduating class after mine’s senior ball just before they hit, Susie Q it big. Very big. In fact they introduced a song as what the hoped would be their first hit single (it was) and they were off to the races. But you have chosen one of my 2 faves.

  3. I loved this Sean! oh we are kindred souls! and I loved the short video with Manjiree and Chutki. that little one! she was loving the puddles and I was loving seeing her and hearing the laughter of her mom! just as I would imagine. it was joyful and fun to watch! I have to watch it again. I’m sure she enjoyed her bath afterward just as much? LOLOL! oh little cream colored Chutki!

  4. Catching up with you. I know how you feel about monsoons from previous posts. I would enjoy them too. Something about the rain for me, days indoors, fires, good books on the go, a feeling of no demands on me which is always my favourite feeling. I always felt there were demands on my time. My default would be “I want to be left alone” a la Garbo. The rain does that. And wee Chutki! How I miss my Ansa.


  5. in some ways I wish I lived somewhere with distinct and dedicated seasonal weather – where the weather was just within the season…and did what it was destined to do!

    all last week until yesterday/Friday it was cold and wet. Friday was a beautiful sunny day – I wasn’t cold and I did go out. And now today/Saturday back to rain…dismal looking rain as well. I managed a quick dash in some drizzle to the shed (to look for something) but now it’s steadily raining again…

    This how Auckland region does Spring – it has a huge habit of “sprung-about” in both directions although not particularly hot as in “it’s nearly summer, here is a taster”
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Taerter Symbol Language

    1. I have spent just four days in your country and cannot really comment but I know what you mean having seen crazy weather in the UK! There, I used to get quite fed up with the rain.

  6. Oh I well remember the monsoon season from the years we spent in Singapore during the 1960s. Knowing it was going to rain and then down it came! Cleared the air for a little while then it began to get oppressive again. I miss those days.

    Meanwhile my favourite season hey in Melbourne would certainly have to be our Summer. Proper Summer warm and sunny and dry. Melbourne has a problem with weather sometimes….we have been known to have 4 seasons in one day 😊😎

    1. I cannot think of any city of some reasonable size that does not offer that crazy four seasons in a day! I reckon that we would have at least ten such days in a year here in Pune. Not any snow though!

    1. Yes, we do live in a very peaceful locality. The clip shows the lane just behind the main avenue on which our home is located. That avenue has a lot of traffic but despite which, except during the peak hours, it is quite peaceful.

  7. Loved your Chutki video — looks like kind of dog I would like – size, short hair, obviously smart. What breed?

    Recall reading here you liked monsoon season. Can appreciate enjoying the freshness rain can bring. I recall enjoying soft summer rains in U.S. Midwest we had when I was young — absent thunder and lightening so safe to walk in. Fall still remains my favored season with beautiful leaves changing colors — especially maple tree reds.

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