This post was anyway in the pipeline but as so often happens to me, synchronicity happened and I read Wisewebwoman’s post on the same topic just a few minutes ago. I then decided to post this immediately.

I had gone to visit my cousin who is older to me by six years. He among all my relatives, lives nearest to me and I am very close to him. This time, among the many things that we discussed was the topic of the rest of our lives and how we foresee events unfolding. He for one is looking at options like moving into an old people’s home whereas I am not but, am looking at a more spiritual life style. In the discussion our various fears came up to and surprisingly, for both of us the predominant one was becoming a burdern to ourselves and others ┬ábefore death. Neither of us thought that death itself was to be feared but the how was predominant in out discussions. In my case, the additional fear came as falling down and breaking one or both of my prostheses which would make it a big issue as, there is no further scope for revisions for me. Part of the reasons for my reducing my activity levels from the levels of yesteryears.

On the other hand, while some of the problems that WWW raises could be due to her being a woman and also her ailments, I don’t think that being a man makes some of the prospects that she lists less fearful. There are certainly advantages when one is a male, but the emotion itself is common to both genders.

Almost all my readers are around my age group and I look forward with interest to their comments on this post.

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