Festival Of Lights – Deepavali.

Cheerful Monk in her blog post Lights talked about putting up lights on their roof at Christmas time.  We exchanged the following comments there.

I : Coming weekend here will ring in the festive season starting with Diwali on the 11th inst. We will have lights up everywhere and they will stay on till January 1, 2016. Nuts? But of course!

CM : And fun. At least you’re not going to climb up on a roof to install them.

All the work was done by Ranjan and Manjiree over last night and today and no, I did not have to climb the roof or the walls.  Ranjan did have to use a step ladder though.  He claimed that he had to use one as he did not have a blood ladder.

This is how the ground floor veranda and part of the garden looks and it will stay like that till the lady of the house decides otherwise.





Can you see her there still working on the decorations?

If you are interested in learning more about the festival, you can do no better than visit fellow blogger and sister Padmum’s blog.

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