Firsts In My Life.

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This is a tricky subject. Firsts can be interpreted to mean different things but to make my life easier, I have decided to interpret them to mean my first choices of many regular things in my life.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind to start my days is my choice of beverage. Others may have other choices, but for me it is inevitably hot tea with grated fresh ginger and jaggery. You will see why I choose jaggery instead of sugar here.

Breakfast – Though I do have some other things now and then, my first choice is yogurt with rotis and fresh fruit, preferably bananas.

Other foods – First and only choice is vegetarian. I was a non vegetarian and the other two members of my current immediate family are non vegetarians. I cook for them, but will not eat. It is a matter of aesthetics for me :-)! I am not fussy and my taste in food is eclectic as long as it is vegetarian.

Drinks – First choice, fresh fruit or sugar cane juice or, in their absence, any non aerated, non alcoholic beverage.

Desserts – I confess to a sweet tooth. First choice, ice cream and within that generic term, naturally flavoured ones with fresh fruit.

Apparel – Lungi and kurta will be the first choice, but for more formal needs, I will compromise and wear a white dhoti or a white pajama instead of the lungi.

News Paper – The Times of India. I do read four other newspapers every day.

Magazines – The National Geographic.

Pastime – Crossword puzzles.

Relationships – Son.

Music – Hindustani Classical and within that genre, the late Bhimsen Joshi.

Authors – P G Wodehouse.

Country – India.

City – Pune.

Local Transport – The ubiquitous autorickshaw as I do not wish to subject myself to the agonies of parking and other traffic related problems.

Long distance travel – Railways.

I could expand on that list ad infinitum and if I included my first choice of blogger to read and comment on, I would be quartered and hung.

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