Flood Alert.

Monsoon should have withdrawn normally last week after our Anantha Chaturdasi.

My regular readers will remember my writing two years ago about our local river being in spate. You can re-read it here.. Due to my current health issues, I have not ventured out to see the river as I normally do every year but, have been receiving news about it being in spate from others.

Yesterday’s local newspapers came out with flood alerts in all the rivers running through Pune.

Today, I have been receiving videos of some parts of the city under flood water and here is one of them.

I will keep my readers posted of further developments.

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    1. One of the rivers is just 300 Mts away from us but, we are on the high ground and rain water flows down to it. The river is about 30 Mts below high ground level. We are quite safe. Thank you.

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