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The first time that I ever heard the word ‘focus’ was, when as a very impressionable young lad, my late maternal uncle, showed me how, using a lens, the sun’s rays could be focused to a pinpoint on a piece of paper to burn it. For some strange reason, that image has never left me and it keeps popping up every time the word crops up, just as it did when I checked for the topic for this week’s LBC post.

There have been many other uses for the word subsequently, most often during my working career, but it never meant the same fascination that the original image had on me.

Normally, I am a very focused person and can stay focused on the task at hand for long stretches of time. I am not a great multi-tasker and though occasionally am forced into such tasking, I prefer to focus on one task at a time.

Since my recent surgery however, even that staying focused has been affected and I am unable to focus on even one task at a time, no doubt due to the physical discomfort that I am currently in. While there is certainly improvement on a day to day basis, it is no where near the old levels. There is a school of thought among some of my friends who have had similar experiences, that it is due to the after effects of all the drugs that were pumped into me during and post surgery, and till the last trace of them is removed from my system, I am likely to experience such inability. If this is the case, I would certainly like to see that happen yesterday!

I would be very interested in hearing from others their experiences of this phenomenon.

So, before I lose focus, let me just say that this topic has been a challenge and the effort worthwhile. I hope that it has been interesting for my readers too.

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