Focussed Advertising.

My friend Arun sent me this photograph yesterday in WhatsApp and went on a nostalgia trip about a pheriwala (door to door hawker) who used to visit their home selling a variety of biscuits and asked me if I too remember such pheriwalas.

I responded that even now, a hawker  comes to our neighbourhood every morning selling the same variety of biscuits. I added that till a couple of years ago, he used a bicycle with a trunk on the carrier to carry his ware and that he would use a claxon type of horn to announce his arrival. Now, he has upgraded to a moped due to progress. I added this photo obtained from Google Images to show the kind of horn that he used.

Today, as I was browsing my Facebook account, lo and behold, I get this advertisement on my screen

Do you now see why WhatsApp and Facebook apps are for free?

8 thoughts on “Focussed Advertising.”

  1. Long live the hawker! The romance of it! Alas, not something you’ll encounter here any longer.

    Your post made me smile. In recognition. It’s a good job I am not given to paranoia. By way of example, I need some storage boxes of a particular size. I search removal companies who sell such things. Silly me. For the last twenty four hours my computer is host to all and sundry trying to sell me boxes and removal services. Even when reading an article on an unrelated subject, say, polar bears adrift. Luckily I am blessed with the ability (call it self defence mechanism) to largely blend out any uninvited nuisance.


  2. Every move we make every breath we take, etc.
    I too am amused (mainly) by the target ads, down to what I watch on streaming and conversations with Daughter along with texting Niece about yarn.
    We are eejits if we think we have any privacy. I doubt if we ever did. I remember reading about viewing rooms in the 50s/60s in department stores so the owners could track our movements and pauses.


  3. the vacuum cleaner salesman – more recently it’s the “donate to our cause” – they always have a name badge and an i-pad to show you what.

    and yep, for the rest of this coming week, f/b will show me products I can get via my online shopping avenue – did I need more cheese or vegetables! Why because the full order of foodstuffs are coming this arvo…
    When I bought a vacuum cleaner recently (online) – f/b ads hadn’t realised that the advert was the exact same cleaner I bought!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..A little better but with strings attached

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