Food 1 – Handvo.

One of the cherished memories that I have of Ahmedabad where I went to Business School in the mid sixties of the last century is having a Gujarathi dish called Handvo. My readers may remember that I had written about having it last July.  I had it again for lunch today and the image above is of it before I dug into it.

With little to occupy my attention nowadays and being unable to stand for long and cook, I have taken to ordering some dishes that I am not confident of getting made by our help.  I prefer to get them from restaurants offering take away services and also from home businesses that have now mushroomed with the advent of Covid. I was able to locate one such lady entrepreneur offering home made Handvo and duly placed an order on her for collection earlier today. Collection because she clearly indicated that she would not be able to make home deliveries.

My daughter in love duly went to collect the Handvo and the lady asked how we found out about her. There is another story behind that which too needs to be recognised.

With the onset of the pandemic and the lockdowns, one Lady Senior Citizen of our neighbourhood started a Senior Citizen WhatsApp group to offer a platform for seeking help, support and information for Seniors. This group is very active and has been a source of information for us for many things including food suppliers. My source for information on the Handvo supplier came from the lady Administrator of the group and I duly passed on that information to the former.

I have decided to start another series on food that I like and either make or order from outside to keep my readers informed about my progress as a foodie.

Are you, my reader, able to indulge in such way through home entrepreneurs?

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  1. We never order takeaways or home deliveries. Jenny cooks all our meals and greatly enjoys cooking. She long ago refused to eat any more of my awful culinary offerings. Handvo is intriguing. I can’t think of any British dish that’s remotely like it. Our savoury dishes never come in the form of a cake. Even carrot cake is more of a sweet snack than a serious meal.

    1. Since I no longer can cook and the other resident my DIL is away at work six days a week, I have to depend on the help to cook for us. She has her limitations and hence for unusual dishes, I order from outside.

  2. We live in a village and only one place in town will deliver here. I don’t have many takeaways, I like cooking simple meals. I love MacDonalds and occasionally drive to our local one. I think it’s wonderful how meal delivery services have sprung up, helping people to keep their businesses going.

  3. Deliveries here are excellent and wide ranging in country of origin and “downhome” cooking. Not home based as health regulations are very strict here so proper kitchens need to be installed – far outside the financial range of most home based entrepreneurs.

    Some lovely small Indian cooking shops have been started featuring frozen home cooked dishes and one truck which has been hugely successful.


  4. Most of our meals are made at home. When we are out going to Doctor’s appointment or recycling cardboard and so forth we may stop and pick up lunch in the form of Pizza, Arby’s, or Wendy’s.

    That is a treat for us cause we didn’t have to prepare it. But it is usually only two or three times a month.

  5. A lot of places here have had to up their game, some have gone on-line and from home – especially those who often went to markets with a food truck or similar. But now that there is click and collect OR contactless service OR arrive at their door. Some eateries have had to rethink how they present their wares to someone “only allowed in the doorway with mask on” – of course just as many have shut up shop and taken the wage subsidy from the government. My local ones are enticing folk with some extraordinary looking food offering especially in the sweet concoctions with OTT toppings.
    I’m more a person who wants to sit at a table, inside – but that’s not allowed right now OR on our “roadmap out of the lockdown” – so I’ve made do with home based food or the local dairy for something sweet in a packet.

  6. There are online food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy, through whom you can order from any restaurants in your locality for home delivery. I use them when I long for Rava Dosa from “ Murugan Idli Kadai”

    1. Restaurant food is not quite the same as home cooked food which is what I order for. The children do order via Zomato and Swiggy which I rarely share as they do for dinner. I don’t eat after lunch.

  7. That meal you ordered looks delicious and a great way to support a chef too. I am occasionally venturing out to favorite restaurants, most recently a Greek restaurant. I treated two friends to a meal there and they loved it; I ordered the flaming cheese appetizer. I am so glad you left a comment on my blog today; I see you have attended performances of many great musicians.

    1. I read all your blog posts but rarely comment as I do not find anything to say about them. If you can add a “Like” button, I can leave proof of my having visited your blog post.

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