Food Again! Moong Dal Pakode.

This image is doing the WhatsApp rounds over here with the caption “Mumbai variant called Pakodacron has arrived.”
This is a spoof on the Covid Epsilon Variant as shown below.

I thought that the pakodacron was quite creative and funny. I also went down memory lane to my Mumbai days when near the shops of my main dealers, a snack bar on the platform of a suburban railway station called Masjid specialised in freshly made hot Moong Dal Pakode. This used to be sent for to accompany cups of hot chai during discussions.
The treat was not served like the image above in niceĀ  dishes but came wrapped in old newspapers and were accompanied by green chillies dipped in lime juice and coated with salt.

Remembering this old treat I have decided to get them made at home tomorrow just to go on a nostalgia trip.

Does the pandemic situation give raise to such developments for you too?

9 thoughts on “Food Again! Moong Dal Pakode.”

  1. I don’t think the pandemic has inspired any food nostalgia for me but I see the humour in the photos and I’d love to try moong dal pakode! I hope you enjoyed it

  2. Prasad would love that Pakoda and more so the Chillis soaked in lime juice and salt
    I will try to make it. A Recipe would help !

    1. What a delightful surprise Shubha. Thank you for commenting. I hope that you will comment more often.

      I am sure that Prasad will love the combination. You can also try a onion, green chilli, coriander, salt chutney to go along with it. It is for those palates that cannot directly bite into the chilli.

  3. pandemic or no pandemic.. you have the best foods! they always sound delicious. I love eating ‘bite sized’ things.
    not sure about the chili’s though.
    I like your sense of Fun!

    1. Since writing that post, we had entered one of our festival times and as I write this, I have been indulging in a number of other goodies about which if I start to write, I will need six posts!

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