Food And Humour.

In Nick’s post Food For Thought I had commented as “By now you would have gathered from my blog posts on food that I simply follow my instincts and do not bother about the quality of the food or its nutritional value.”

The Japanese keep surprising me with their language and humour. Two days later, I received this image in my WhatsApp page.

A day later, as though to bring me down to earth, I received this image in WhatsApp.

What a journey!

Where do you fit in such a ladder? The first, second or the last image?

12 thoughts on “Food And Humour.”

  1. None of the above applies to me, my dear Ramana. The only time I ate like a wolf was a short period in my teens. My mother put it down to a sudden growth spurt.

    Alas my mouth is never empty considering how many words I spout.

    I love to cook, I love to feed people, my bookshelves are groaning with cookery book, not a day goes past when I don’t immerse myself into READING recipes, learning about food- yet, I myself, eat sparingly. I don’t know why. It’s certainly not by design. When on my own I can go for almost a day before I feel vaguely hungry. It’s strange. When my son and I share dinner , having one of our many philosophical discussion will not distract him from business in hand: “Mama, you’ve got to eat!” True. The other day, I cannot believe this happened, he actually phoned me and said “When did you last eat?” And to think that once upon a time I tried to interest him in pureed spinach by pretending the spoon was an aeroplane trying to land on his tongue!


    1. A pity that our long planned for meeting in the UK never came off and it does not look as though it would ever due to my health issues. I would have otherwise seen all that you mention here.

  2. I want the first one – but now I can’t!

    over the last two weeks, I’ve craved ordinary cheese. Yesterday I bit the bullet, searched online to make sure the brand of vegan cheese I would buy wasn’t made with that ghastly pea protein/flour. And yes the cheese that came, looks like cheddar. And actually it tastes pretty darn good, on a sandwich. The next test will be in a toasted sandwich (yes on GF bread), which I’m accustomed too anyway.

    As I munched said v/cheese – I started thinking that although I had craved it, I now realise I’d kind of got used to not having it on hand…

    The trouble with having to go DF, GF and no raw vegetables is that taste sensation that one is used to…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Some more positive news

  3. I identify most with the first photo. I know I shouldn’t eat too many sugary foods but I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I need a regular fix of chocolate – or something like the very tempting concoction in your picture. I never eat out of loneliness but I might eat out of boredom.

  4. I never thought about my eating because “my mouth was lonely”. I think I usually only eat because I feel hungry. Most recently I’ve been snacking on unsalted peanuts though can’t say it’s because I feel hungry — I don’t know why.

  5. I fit into all three and I remember the third put in a different way: “It’s not what you’re eating it’s what’s eating you!”

    I fall into emotional eating sometimes. usually dark chocolate. A cup of tea would probably satisfy me just as well though, come to think of it.


    1. A cup of tea used to be my solution too but, since the onset of Covid, I have become too lazy to make myself one! Chocolates of all kinds besides our wide variety of Indian sweets can send me into a trance!

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