Food, Glorious Food.

My readers know that ever since Carly’s post on her adventures with food in her college appeared on Conrad’s blog, I seem to keep getting my attention drawn to various articles, and other written matter concerning food.

The first one came from Padmini as a sequel to my “Large Portions Of Food – Impeccable Logic” and was by and large addressed to lady readers, though, as a practicing house-husband, I flatter myself that I too am qualified. I reproduce it here, as it has not been published anywhere else yet.

The Story of the Bulge

Where does it all start—this little tyre, the extra flab, the thickening hips, the needle on the weighing machine gradually climbing?

It starts with us, dear friends, that we are women. Nothing new, you may say. Yet, it is interesting to review and then take heed.

It starts first with our core sense of being frugal. We were brought up not to waste. In fact in many houses the cardinal rule was ‘waste not, want not’. So when the food that we cooked was extra, the leftovers, the last piece on the plate—all were inevitably put into the housewife’s mouth.

I know women who even swallowed the infant’s formula that the baby refused to drink, that last inch of milk, the last spoon of cereal or mashed fruit or kichdi.

If there was no one interested in that wonderful sweet, savoury or deep fried bajji—never mind that by the time you ate it, it was cold—it added to your calories.

A woman wants to place the tastiest dish in front of her family—that doesn’t happen in general without tasting it a few times. This, apart from the share that is hers, adds calories gradually, inexorably to the day’s total intake that never comes into the reckoning of the daily quota.

Where does all this “Oh God! The stuff is going waste. I will eat it” go”?

Right to the bottom, darling, to your hips, thighs, waist, arms and all over!

So change your attitude. You are not the garbage bin of the family.

Retrain your thinking to live by the new cardinal rule is ‘waste not, eat not; just give away the lot”.

Then you can have the upper hand in the battle of the bulge and earn some brownie points for your generosity and philanthropy!

I was then exposed to this wonderful article, “13 things you never knew about your weight” in the Reader’s Digest.

I thought that I had had enough messages being sent from the universe to get my act together, when I came across another teaser in the Economist, by Michael Pollan.

I am sure that Michael Pollan will get a lot of good advise from many of my readers. May I request that when any of you do write to him, do please let me know one way or the other so that I too can keep a watch?

It certainly looks as though the Universe wants me to obsess about food for some more time! Not that I ever stop, but at least now some diversionary tactics appear from nowhere.

Is that happening to you too?

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