Food Pilgrimage Again.

My friends Neena and Anil were down here with me at Pune the last week end and had a successful visit as far as the main purpose of their visit, which was some property buying and selling was concerned. More to their liking was their foray into Pune’s offerings on food.

Since Neena is Lactose intolerant and allergic, it was quite a job coming up with good food to satisfy her gargantuan appetite, which Meeta of Flour Works managed with aplomb. Since that was not sufficient, Neena needed to satisfy her craving for Sev Puri. Once we were in a food court at a local mall which offered this, Anil and I decided to join in too and we had Pani Puri and Basket Chaat to go with the Sev Puri.

sevpuri 2

You can see Neena helping herself to her share of the Sev Puri after having polished off half the puris for the pani puri, while Anil is reacing out to steal from the basket chaat while his share of the sev puri awaits. Alas the basket chaat was not for Neena as it contains yogurt.

Okay, that was on Saturday. On Sunday, Neena flew off in the morning and Anil stayed back to put finishing touches to his visit before lunch time. For breakfast Anil decided to have eggs and pav as the latter is not available in Delhi. So, I fried two eggs for him;
And look at the pav.

I decided to give a surprise to Anil for lunch and requested Mangal to prepare traditional Maharashtrian fare and she came up trumps with Pitla Bhakri.

Anil also expressed the desire to have some Brun Bread which with some difficulty I sourced for him.

Unfortunately he had over eaten the Pitla Bhakri and could not eat them. I packed them up nicely and insisted that he takes them with him to Delhi where they too are not available. I had the leftovers today! The refrigerator is empty and tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Brun maska pav and akuri for Sunday breakfast chased by a mug ( large 2/3 full ! ) of steaming hot strong coffee to singe the tongue still smarting from the chili in the akuri ! I’d be ready for the day and anything that comes my way !

  2. I’m curious – what do you do with that big shallot in the Pitla Bhakri photo? Are you supposed to slice it up and put it in the flatbread thing? Or just take a bite out of it whole?

    1. We call that an onion here. It is just bitten into to add just that tang to the combination. More refined tables will have chopped pieces served instead of the whole bulb.

    1. I can give you a lot of other goodies too. Indian cuisine offers a great variety so one can choose many dishes without milk or cream or butter added.

  3. Hi Rummy,

    I love pani puri; I haven’t tasted Basket Chaat yet though. I don’t know what is happening but all the Indian blogs I visit now mention food…what are you guys trying to do to me? lol 😉
    You are living it up, Rummy and I am super happy for you :D.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..Maxiavelli: The War of the Tribes

  4. I’m enchanted by the variety of foods you guys manage to conjure up. You’ve got me looking up recipes now with a view to preparing something special for an evening with some friends in a few weeks time. As we’re Welsh, I’ve promised not to prepare the English bog – standard Tikka Massala 🙂

    1. Cardi, I am delighted to see you here, Please do so more often. I make a mean Welsh Rarebit on special occasions! So, we are quits. Now you can safely share Indian food with your friends.

  5. another food journey…and what a trip. None of those foods other than maybe the breads are anything I would necessarily eat. I’m not a spice/curry liker. Last weekend, I tried something that apparently was a mild sauce, fortunately I didn’t splash it all over – because I was still smarting from a tiny weeny drop, at the end of my food!
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Art of Unexpected Combination: #1

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