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  1. ohmygosh! LOLOL!
    they have always been known for their exquisite hygiene even from ancient times
    when most of europe and the rest of the world weren’t even bathing regularly!
    but i’m with john. too many bells and whistles for me.
    but altogether a fascinating post rummy. thanks!

  2. 1. There’s a marvelouse scene in No Time For Sergeants, with Andy Griffith, about a soldier who decides to be the best enlisted soldier ever, and wires all the toilets in the latrine to salute on inspections day, (youtube) 2 i. The worst toilets we ever used were a. an outhouse in the Ozark mountains, with real dried corncobs, corn removed, as tp, and b. a flight of stairs up to a raised platform, two handles to hold on to, and a hole in the ground (in southern France- and try that one when you are vision impaired) 3. the first thing that went through my mind, was, what if someone has a pacemaker? 4. the second was, surely that will put the entire league of snoopy pushy toilet ladies out of work. hm. maybe not such a bad thing.
    Dunnasead recently posted..Ye Olde Days

      1. Actually, my experience at a conference in Hyderabad, where an entire room of women waiting to use the bathroom wanted to touch my legs because I was wearing nylons, and my arms because I don’t shave them, and the material of my california desert clothes I had on because of the heat I found totally fascinating. And the fact that it was done in an unagressive way even more so. (As was the open intellectual aggression of the academics and most of all the head of the newspaper reporters there, but that’s another story.)
        Dunnasead recently posted..Ye Olde Days

        1. I can well imagine the scene. Incidentally, Hyderabad is one of the cities where I have lived and my late wife was a native of that city and we used to visit it often after we moved out.

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