Our help, just before she left home yesterday after finishing her chores, instructed me to convey some messages to the LOH (Lady Of the House).

On the return home from her work, I passed on the messages to the LOH, that is my daughter in love.  I was however informed by the LOH that the messages had already been conveyed to her through a phone call earlier from the help.

I asked the good lady this morning as to why she told me as well as the LOH. She promptly said that she remembered from an incident some months ago when I forgot to pass on a message due to absent mindedness; and that she did not want to take any chances. I was bemused and asked her why she thought that I would be absent minded this time too and she told me that she has noticed that I have aged somewhat faster during the lockdown and felt that I would also be forgetful!

Viva Lockdown!

10 thoughts on “Forgetful!”

  1. You’ve aged somewhat faster during the lockdown? Really? Why does she say that? We all get forgetful sometimes, whether we’re 23 or 93.

  2. Gee, at times I write myself notes to remind me what all I want to accomplish on a given day. I don’t think of forgetfulness when I misplace something – I say to myself “If you would have put the item where you normally do, it would be easier to find.” But, that being said, I do like to write things down so I don’t forget. Let’s face it we are all getting older and thus our little grey cells don’t work as good as they used to. Stay well my friend. 🌞
    Irwin recently posted..Makes sense to me! 2+2+2=7

  3. I’ve had three concussions in my life. I blame it on that.
    but I found this post humorous! I love how you can laugh at yourself.
    that is an important gift. 😀 xoxo

    1. Thanks Tammy. With all the negativity in the world today, if I’m going to spend my time writing, I’m going to get a laugh or two while doing it. Hopefully the readers of my dribble will get a laugh or two as well.

  4. and so do you think the “help” has aged from the lockdowns!

    Maybe she forgot that she already told you to pass on the message…as she went about her daily life outside of your house and thought “did I remember … no I don’t think I did…”

    I’ve a bit of forget mode when it comes to making my grocery online orders. This time I don’t believe I’ve left anything off that I deem “needed” – I certainly put the item on that I left off last time!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..I’m ready to accept…

    1. That is an interesting observation Catherine. It never occurred to me that she could have taken the double insurance because she forgot whether she had told me or not! I shall most certainly tease her about it tomorrow.

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