The topic for this week’s 2 on 1 Friday blog post when Shackman and I post on the same topic came to me as a flash of inspiration when I sought Shackman’s forgiveness for delaying the suggestion. I hope that he has. You can indeed check out if he has at his blog.

Having got that little bit of confession off my mind, let me revert to the quote that I have included above. I think that it is a well thought out suggestion that reflects the truth about forgiving more than any other platitudes that one can come across.

I personally do not believe that human beings are capable of forgiving harm done to them. In my case, I have not forgiven anybody who has caused me harm, though I have moved on and in some cases, even forgotten the incidents unless they come up as reminders when something triggers those memories. I think that all of us are like that but, since it is supposed to be divine to forgive, we pretend to ourselves more than to others that we have forgiven. The best that we do, I think is that we drop that person from our lives and move on finding our pleasures and company elsewhere.

I am more inclined to trust this quote.

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