Foster Home Update.

Jordan has been on the mend and has made very rapid progress with the attention paid by Manjiree and her veterinarian friend. Proper medication and diet has built him up to be able to manage himself quite well.

Jordan was adopted today by a very kind gentleman as a treat for himself and his wife of forty years to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary today.

They already have three Great Danes in their farm house and as such, wish to add to their family of GDs. While parting was painful for Manjiree, Jordan seemed quite content to go off, in the company of a lady GD in their car who had come to give him company.

Chutki is delighted to be the empress of all that she surveys once again and has spent more time downstairs this afternoon than she did the entire last one week.

Manjiree, Ranjan and I are of course relieved that he has found a good home with lots of space to suit his size.

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