Fountain Pen.

My friend Milind has just published a fascinating blog post that brings back so many memories that I wish to share them with my readers.

From the comments that I have left there, you will see that to start off I was amazed that Milind wrote! I can’t think of anyone else who does that any more other than for perhaps affixing signatures for receipt of goods from couriers! I certainly don’t write anything by hand any more using my smart phone as a PDA to make notes etc. Next thing to surprise me was that Milind was using a fountain pen. I didn’t know that they are still available and in use and that too ink for them is available! A brief search online made me aware that they are still available! I don’t think that I will ever buy one but it is comforting to know that there is still a market for the pen and the ink.

I am from a generation that used fountain pens extensively and I have vivid memories of shirt pockets getting stained by ink from leaking pens. I also have vivid memories of classmates borrowing ink from sensible students who had brought bottles of ink along during tests. More importantly, we hand wrote everything and were either complimented for good legible handwriting, cursive at that, or teased for bad handwriting.

Coming to pens, they were items considered to be luxury during our glorious socialistic days and one with a good branded pen that did not leak from the neck was envied by mates. Theft and punishment for losing them are also part of my growing up memories.

Sheaffer, Parker, Mont Blanc, Cross, Waterman and Pilot are brands that come readily to mind. For ink, we had Quink, Pelikan and Camlin inks were available at many general merchandise shops besides stationers.

I never gifted anyone with a fountain pen as I could not afford to during the days when they were in use but, was the very proud recipient of good fountain pens on a few occasions. More importantly, being envied for such gifts was simply too good for words. On the other hand, losing one was a disaster of unimaginable intensity. I have experienced both and those memories come rushing back as I write this post.

Thank you Milind for this nostalgia trip.

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