Four Old Friends.

I saw a very entertaining film yesterday,  I went to see it because it had four good actors – Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline.

last-vegas-movie-2013-poster-2It is about the peccadilloes of four childhood friends, now seventy year old men, who gather together for a bachelors party to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of one of them.

It was entertainment at its best and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I even indulged in a papri chaat and iced lemon tea before and a carton of pop-corn during the movie.

The theater was full of much younger people who enjoyed the film perhaps more than I did seeing the things that these old rascals get up to.  The dialogues generated a great deal of laughter too.

I recommend that my readers see this if they get a chance.



11 thoughts on “Four Old Friends.”

  1. i want to see so few movies that come out in these times. but i did want to see this one as soon as i started seeing the trailers on it!
    like you . . . primarily because of the superb actors in it.
    so glad to know that it’s a good one! thanks!!!
    tammyj recently the wren house

    1. Tammy, you will come out of the hall and go straight to the nearest wash basin to wash your eyes. You would have been laughing and tears of laughter would have been making streaks on your cheeks!

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