Four Things.

Shackman had posted this on his facebook page with the comment – “I’m genuinely curious to read other people’s responses!!” and with his permission, I do the exercise here as a blog.

Four names I go by:
Ramana, Rummy, Periappa and Appa.

Four places I have lived in:
Pune the longest, Chennai the second longest, Mumbai the third longest and Delhi the fourth longest.

Four things i love to watch on tv:
I don’t watch TV but will watch whatever the children watch if I have nothing else to do.

Four places I have visited:
The entire Indian subcontinent including Pakistan and Bangladesh, some parts of Europe, two cities of Australia, some parts of The Far East and some parts of the Middle East.

Four things I love to eat:
Idlis, Dosas, Appams and Sambar.

Four people who I think will respond and hopefully be fun:
Monk, Tammy, Cathy in NZ and who knows, perhaps Shackman again!

Four Things I love to drink:
Water, Tea, Fruit juice and Lassi.

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