Four Things.

Shackman had posted this on his facebook page with the comment – “I’m genuinely curious to read other people’s responses!!” and with his permission, I do the exercise here as a blog.

Four names I go by:
Ramana, Rummy, Periappa and Appa.

Four places I have lived in:
Pune the longest, Chennai the second longest, Mumbai the third longest and Delhi the fourth longest.

Four things i love to watch on tv:
I don’t watch TV but will watch whatever the children watch if I have nothing else to do.

Four places I have visited:
The entire Indian subcontinent including Pakistan and Bangladesh, some parts of Europe, two cities of Australia, some parts of The Far East and some parts of the Middle East.

Four things I love to eat:
Idlis, Dosas, Appams and Sambar.

Four people who I think will respond and hopefully be fun:
Monk, Tammy, Cathy in NZ and who knows, perhaps Shackman again!

Four Things I love to drink:
Water, Tea, Fruit juice and Lassi.

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  1. I get a kick out of these so I will have another go

    Four names I go by:
    Shackman; Chuck; Uncle Bubba; Butch

    Four places I have lived in:
    Rocky Hill CT; Pueblo CO; Ft Worth TX; Conover NC

    Four things i love to watch on tv:
    Morning Joe; NCIS; History Channel; Longmire

    Four places I have visited:
    Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Martinique.

    Four things I love to eat:
    Medium rare rib eye; Indian food; Italian food; Chinese food

    Four people who I think will respond and hopefully be fun:
    already done on Facebook

    Four Things I love to drink:
    Water, Beer; Single Malt Scotch; good coffee

  2. I shall take no offence that you didn’t include me in those you hoped would reply. Don’t expect too much of Monk. Everything is just grand. Not least the fires. She will tell you that everywhere she has lived was just fine, life is just fine. Fires are fine. You just “live” with them. Even if dead. If being nasty constitutes a pimple a day I have just squeezed today’s.

    I have answers – as one does – to all of Shackman’s questions – though, truth be told, am more interested in what other people have to say.

    Piquing my interest: Why FOUR? I have lived in dozens of places before I was twenty. How to choose?

    Names? Mama to my son, Ursula to everyone else. What they call me in the privacy of their own earshot I am not privy too.

    What I watch? Not a lot. Courtesy of the Angel who sits me down when he thinks it’s for my good I am currently in the grip of the last few remaining episodes of the last season of “Justified”. The Angel and I have an ongoing feud since MY interest is solid with Boyd. His is Raylan who, largely justified, mainly functions on one cylinder. Can’t stand the women in that program. Shackman will let me know. Ava does my head in – not least on account of a drawl so wide, so broad it’s a miracle her mouth doesn’t crack wide open.

    Make mine a Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers, Ramana, Cheers, Shackman,

    Ursula recently posted..Mum is the word

  3. I wont answer these here because I might do it as a blog, I love a good meme.
    I imagined you as the kind of person who might watch the TV news each day but apparently I got that wrong and you are not missing anything, it’s all bad news or inconsequential nonsense.

    1. I look forward to reading your blog post when you write it. I depend on five newspapers a day, three for different opinion perceptives and two for business/economics information and all five for their crossword puzzles. I also catch quite a few news items from the internet.

  4. wow. now I have to go back up and see what the questions are!
    1. am and have been called tam tamra tammyj tammy ellen (tootie fotch – only by my mother. and no. it’s not what you think. or then maybe it is. I was in diapers after all. also by my beloved bob… honey and darling and ‘my girl’ and good look’in!
    shows you how long ago THAT was!
    2. have lived in Oklahoma. Virginia. Colorado. New York. (among others)
    I get around! not lately though. my biggest foray anymore is to the grocery store. LOL!
    3. love to watch PBS on tv. especially anything by the BBC. also ‘life in pieces.’ and the history channel. and tiny houses! and the hallmark mystery channel and hallmark’s
    ‘when calls the heart.’ i’m a heartie! and TCM (turner classic movies!) love me some cary grant and sean connery. the OLD sean connery …
    my own sean connery doesn’t act but I think he’s brilliant!
    4. have visited London and France and Canada and the Bahamas
    5. I love to eat pizza. popcorn. cereal. ice cream. deviled eggs. tex mex.
    veggies? yuk. does she have heart trouble? heck yes. do you think it’s diet? heck yes!
    6. wow. all the present people I guess. maybe i’m just nosy.
    7. finally four drinks. water. coca cola. . . NOT pepsi . margarita. skim milk . coffee
    have to go now… dying of THIRST!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. Hi Tootie fotch! I like that. Apart from the movie multiplexes, my forays are also to the local grocer just across the road and once every weeks to my barber also across the road.

  5. Four names I go by: Jean, Mom, Cheerful Monk, Monk

    Four places I have lived in: Los Alamos, NM; Pinole, CA; Ithaca, NY; Stanford, CA (longest to fourth longest)

    Four things i love to watch on tv: Don’t watch TV (except for late night comedians sometimes), but I stream movies and TV series using Netflix. At the moment I’m watching a Spanish series called Velvet. It’s not the greatest, but has some engaging characters and I love the fact I recognize some of the words from my high school Spanish

    Four places I have visited: a lot more than four; I traveled around Europe when I was in Stanford in Germany and when Andy and I lived in Orsay, France for thirteen months right after we married. We took two months coming back from Orsay — via Jordan, Egypt, East Africa, India, Thailand, New Zealand, and Australia. Traveling was a big thing on our bucket list and we crossed it off early.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Rose Bush and Flowers

  6. Four names I go by:
    Catherine, Cathy,

    Four places I have lived in:
    Taumarunui, London (UK), Perth (W.Aust), Auckland

    Four things i love to watch on tv:
    I don’t have a TV, but watch things on Demand…”soaps, reality seasons, amazing whatevers” also follow a number of uTube including RV’ing with the Nomadic Fanatic (around USA), kind as in visiting USA places…

    Four places I have visited:
    UK, Wales, Scotland – most countries through Europe to Turkey (inc Scandinavia & Russia – Tanzania to Sth Africa (some of the countries, not in existence) – part of Aust… oh and when I was a child travelled,by sea to UK, with Mum through Panama Canal and back via around base of Africa!

    Four things I love to eat:
    Deep fried chips, crisps, icecream, cakes with lots of whipped real cream (all these healthy for the soul)

    Four people who I think will respond and hopefully be fun:
    Monk, Tammy, Ursula, Nick

    Four Things I love to drink:
    Hot chocolate with dash of coffee, wine, dark beer (not Guinness), Flat White (not so much now, because I don’t like the way they steam the milk…)

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