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  1. My brain was playing tricks on me when I first looked at this post and it reported the title to me as “Free Wifi” instead of “Free Will”. So my first observation is that the will and the brain not entirely in sync! The next experiment is to see if I have I can will to view the 1:18:51 lecture. Then we must determine if that will was free or coerced. This is all quite an assignment!
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    1. The only time I’ve doubted free will is during a precognitive experience. I despise the notion that everything is somehow preordained, but I don’t know how else to explain that – unless by the infinite alternative realities theory – maybe it’s like a bundle of fiber optic cables, and you get a glimpse of one or another – if you glimpse the one you travel down by choice, it’s “precognitive,” and if you choose a different path, it was just a daydream.
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  2. I guess we have free will to the extent that we can consciously make decisions about our lives, but since those decisions are based on all the unconscious information and experience we possess, and on our genetic make-up, the degree of genuine free will we’re expressing is questionable.
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    1. The way I see it, we all have free will – but maybe not the STRENGTH of will, or the MEANS, to exercise it. Even a prisoner has the ability to choose whether to comply with the rules or not. Would being unwilling to accept the consequences of rebellion mean he didn’t have free will? Or would it mean that he was unwilling to exercise it?
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      1. What happens when the jailer is a sadist and the jailed receives cruel treatment despite not breaking laws? Or when an otherwise normal male suddenly molests a young girl. Where did free will come in for the young girl?

        1. You presuppose that any of the choices available are good ones. That’s not a prerequisite to free will. The freedom is in exercising the ability to choose. She has the option to choose to fight, to cajole, to acquiesce, and possibly even to die. None of those “choices” are good ones, and the male has violated her rights as a human being – he has IMPOSED his will on her, which we civilized humans recognize is anathema to living in peace and harmony. But free will means only that when there IS any choice at all, we’re free to make it. We are not simply machines on a conveyor belt with things happening to us and only one reaction or choice possible – that of our maker.
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  3. If I am honest, I found both of those videos a load of rubbish.

    One of these days Ramana, I would like to read your own views on a topic. Thoughts coming from your heart without quotes, from books or other people or videos. Let us see the REAL YOU! Is there a real you in there?
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    1. Let me straight away give you my opinion. I have none. I am not creative or wise enough. I am simply a wordsmith who has a good memory which I use to locate ideas and quotes to put together in my writings. I am also blissfully aware that I am like that and so it does not bother me.

      Coming to the REAL ME, that is the quest I am on, have been on the past two decades or so and while I have been able to understand the spiritual answer to that question ‘who am I?’, I have not been able to internalise it. The moment I do, I will simply disappear!

      There most certainly is a real I there within. When he appears to me, I promise that you will be the first person I will share the finding with.

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