Since the first of this month, I have recommenced going for a gentle stroll to the local park every evening. This photograph was taken yesterday to commemorate my friend Vasant’s meeting me again after eight months.

“The older you get the tougher it is to lose weight because by then your body and your fat have gotten to be really good friends.”

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  1. Ahh.. Rumana, did you watch the video I gave you, of Dr. Chatterjee (a man of your community) leading people through a low-carb diet, and to not only lose weight, but on their way to curing diabetes. Really worth it, startling to see the courage of this doctor go against the pharmaceutical medical approach, with great results. And NO quackery. This young man is a doctor for the future:

    Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s work was a three part program on BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation. Now on you tube, here’s part 1 which has a few minutes introduction to the series, then settles in with the first family, who are I think, East Indian, if not also of your community. The families all live in London, and begged for help to treat and cure their obesity and diabetes. Riveting watching. If you have diabetes 2 or are “pre-diabetes” or just want to healthily lose weight, do yourself a favour and become acquainted with Dr. Chatterjee’s method.

    1. P.S. Dr. Chatterjee MOVES IN with his patients to more fully observe and understand their lives. No kidding!

    2. I did Marms, I wish that I had him living here in Pune. My problem is not with the diet. It is to with my inability to indulge in full exercises due to some physical limitations. For all the tyre that I carry around in my middle, I am quite active and cheerful within my capabilities.

      1. I too struggle with ability Ramana, oh and, motivation? I share Dr. Chatterjee’s work only as learning. I do like to keep up with medical issues and am so happy to see brilliant young physicians returning to practising medicine, putting patients over pharmaceuticals treatments and surgeries.

        I’m interested in your meditation practise. Hmm. Perhaps I should try that.

  2. i love that quote! did you make that up? LOL !!!
    we’re waiting for 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight! i’m so excited!
    i tell you what sean… i think it’s so cool you’re reconnecting with so many of your friends. it’s going to be a great year.
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    1. Thank you. As I write this, I have had five six full days of going to the park and am back in circulation as it were and thoroughly enjoying myself. My friends are happy that I am back and I am to be back amongst them.

  3. finding people is always good…

    yesterday, I got onto a bus at some point, commented to a woman close by that I wondered what the green bus was doing back at the other stop (I was at the next stop) and she swung her head up from the brochure and said “oh hi cathy…” of course, i couldn’t reply with her name at that point as it had gone AWOL – we had a shortish chat about embroidery etc until she got off the bus – as she walked away I remembered her name “Diane”

    1. That is happening to me here now Cathy. Being back among friends after eight months, I am unable to remember names at first reconnecting only to remember after they go away.

  4. Seeing friends and exercising, whatever one can do, is great!

    Unfortunately, I laid off from the exercising too much last year. I’ve been back at it for a couple of months now, but it is a struggle trying to build my endurance back up and to lose the extra 20 lbs I put on. And, with going back to work (again) this coming week, it’s going to even harder. I need to go shopping this weekend to buy some business casual slacks in a larger size. I haven’t had to do that for that reason in nearly 20 years. 🙁

    Best wishes for 2017!
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  5. I keep meaning to reform my life, but I don’t think I eat very much really. And I’m active too. I feel a pang of envy when I see my daughters in all their youthful glory with their slim waists etc., but childbirth and life have altered my silhouette considerably. I am not ashamed of being a middle aged woman. I cannot be a young slip of a girl. I wonder what I’ll look like in Heaven. I’d like to be the ideal me for my age, whatever that is. You don’t strike me as a person of excesses so how could you have excess weight? The mind boggles.
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    1. I put on a few kilos when I was not well last year and was more or less tied to the home. I will take them off soon enough.

      I tell young ladies who I have seen growing up from little girls that they should not look like anorexics. Some of them carry fitness to some ridiculous levels aiming for size zero!

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