My old faithful table top FM radio which I use to listen to while reading my newspapers and solving crossword puzzles gave up its ghost this morning. It has been a very reliable companion for the last six years.

After having investigated online for substitutes, I just asked a dear friend ST,  where I could get a reliable replacement and he promptly sent me the name and phone number of a friend of his, PK ,  who trades in radios and other electronic items. On discussing  my requirement, PK offered to get it delivered to me at home later in the day and I agreed. This set was delivered to me just half an hour ago.
Naturally, I am delighted.

The story however does not end there.

On being asked for the cost including delivery charges, PK informed me that it was a gift from ST.

I am blessed to have such friends in my life. I hope that all my readers also are.

8 thoughts on “Friends.”

  1. How lovely Ramana but I admit to being a little shocked you are not on the web for your radio enjoyment.

    But I also understand the attachment to old technologies.


  2. What a lovely gesture. I was very nonplussed when my favourite radio and CD player broke down a year or so ago, and relieved when I received a new one. One gets attached to one’s familiar gadgets!

  3. Yes, what a wonderful gesture and the delivery of a new table top radio for your enjoyment.

    Over this last week, I have gifted a number of larger “craft tools” to 3 different people. One wanted to send me some fibre to spin, the next any help you need during the week- call me, the last let’s have this as long term loan – in case you want it back.

    I don’t actually want any of them back for varying reasons…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..It’s Friday Again

    1. As you probably already know, I have given away many things over the last few years and continue to do so whenever I find something surplus to my needs. In the present instance, only the tuner had broken down and I gave away the amplifier and speakers to someone before the radio could come.

  4. How very cool!

    We don’t have any radios in the house. Our listening is from satellite or from the internet. In the car, the “radio” is tuned to satellite and in the camper we plug in an iPod to the radio. The only place I listen to an actual radio is in my truck, which I don’t use much ever since the beginning of the pandemic.
    Mike recently posted..A rose that isn’t a rose

    1. I do listen to music from youtube etc but only when I am at the computer. The table top is just to entertain me with some soft, what you may call, elevator music in the background while I read my newspapers and solve crossword puzzles.

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