Last Saturday morning was an eventful one for, the daughter of my friend of over six decades, landed up at home on her way to a pilgrimage centre. She came in and left like a typhoon but had stopped at home for the few minutes only to leave a whole lot of goodies from Chennai that are not available here in Pune. She promised to spend more time with me on Sunday and she kept her word. She spent all of ten minutes on Sunday with me.

During those ten minutes, I caught up with some news of her family in Chennai and she got a whiff of suspicion about my health issues.

She reached home at 1.00 am this morning and sent me a message that she had reached home safely and that she was very concerned about my health.

At 9.00 this morning, her father and my friend rang me up to announce that he, his wife and grandson will shortly visit me in Pune to see how I am. I assured him, like I have been assuring a lot of people that I am not about to pop off any time soon but, he is booking tickets and that is that. He too had taken the news of the death of my brother badly as, he had known my brother for as long as he has known me and now wishes to spend some time with me in his twilight years.  I understand him as he does me.

I am blessed to be given such friends.

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  1. I am blessed to have known you all my life. I am selfish enough to wish that my son also gets to know you for a longer period. A more learned, loving and accomodating person I have yet to come across. Prayers and love

  2. interesting how a real-time visit v online – gives people a different viewpoint…. sometimes though people not seen in a while, believe that something they spot at the time alludes them to something quite different.

    when I was out on Monday – the lass I ended up chatting with – got all concerned when she noted my shaky hands – which she assumed was from my latest escapade until I said “nope those are hands that regularly do that…”

  3. I wonder why people think you’re about to pop off. Have you just updated your will? Been found on a cliff edge? Started googling funeral options? Or are they just over-anxious?

    1. I have not been able to travel to visit with my then ailing brother and was unable to go for his funeral after his death either. My son and daughter in love had gone. My son had explained my inability to the family there. Knowing how close we were, others also wondered and a story has now gone viral that I am on my way too. Remember the telephone game?

  4. it will be like old sailors telling wonderful sea stories! 😀
    love this Sean. and love knowing how much YOU are loved by all ages.
    have a fun time my cowboy friend. xo

    1. Interestingly enough, the only two people who put me on the spiritual track will be coming to visit me. This is the second one who put me on to Vedanta. The other one was earlier who put me on to meditation. Both are the longest surviving friends of mine. Both are a couple of years older than I am too. Both their daughters are also very attached to me. The main factor responsible has been proximity during critical years and frequent visits besides modern communication methods that have enabled us to keep in regular touch.

  5. Oh Ramana that is so wonderful that they care so much about you and your health. I was aware of the situation with your brother and my heart broke for you as I know you would have moved heaven and earth to be there if you could.


  6. Hi Rummy,

    Good friends are a blessing. And I am glad you have been blessed. Now, you need to take good care of yourself and not give us all a fright. Your wisdom is a ray of light onto the world :).

    Be well and cheers

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