I have known AC for near half a century and we have been colleagues on two occasions too. We exchange messages on WhatsApp everyday without fail and usually they are either messages that inspire or tickle our funny bones.

Today he sent me a message in Marathi and English, reading as follows.

एके काळचा पुण्यातला पेन्शनर. 🙂

Resembling you. 🙂

These messages inculded an image:

The Marathi part of the message translates to: “Experienced Veteran Pensioner of Pune.”

Pune, the city where both of us live now, used to be called “The Pensioners’ Paradise” when we first moved in 1990. While there are many features of that lifestyle still available, the city has changed into a modern one like any other Indian big city with large industries and Information Technology organisations.

I suspect that what AC means is that he believes that I have been a pensioner ever since I moved to Pune thirty years ago! In other words, although we were colleagues for five of them, I never worked and just got paid for attending office!

Some friend!

4 thoughts on “Friendship!”

  1. LOL. oh rummy..
    the picture first and then the post. they made me laugh.
    and look at this. if i don’t type too long I can actually make sense.
    a pleasant change. hand still swollen but works better.
    i still look and feel like a walking dead zombie. but getting used to it.
    stitches in forehead might be able to come out tomorrow. wish me luck.
    I definitely know what they mean now by ‘face planting!’ xo

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