Friendship In The Blogsphere.

I launched this blog on June 8 2008. Three months have passed. This is my 70th blog since then. I have had more than 2000 visitors to this blog. Some have become regular visitors and commentators, and have become my blog friends.

I am now truly and hopelessly addicted to blogging, visiting other blogs and commenting on quite a few of them.

If there is proof needed that blogging shrinks the world, this is it. The friends have come from all over the world. Some of them, hesitate to comment on the blog but contact me by email and exchange views.

I wanted to express my gratitude to all these new friends and went to inspiremenet to get an appropriate poem to convey my feelings and this is what I found:

By Author Unknown

May there always be work for your hands to do;

May your purse always hold a coin or two;

May the sun always shine on your window pane;

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;

May the hand of a friend always be near you;

May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

I recommend that you visit inspiremenet to get inspiring quotes, poems etc. I subscribe to their daily email which inspires me without fail.

Thank you dear friends.

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