I don’t have any hair on my top but, if I had had, I would have been tearing some out earlier this morning due to sheer frustration.

As my readers know, about three to four hours of my morning goes in reading newspapers and solving crossword puzzles. My frustration was due to non receipt of my morning fix as it were.

Yesterday was the final day of our Ganesh Chaturthi. All newspaper establishments were closed for the Visarjan. That is the final bidding goodbye to Lord Ganesh by immersion about which you can read in the link given above.

As a result of this closure, my morning fix was denied to me. Luckily I also practise Tsundoku and so had enough reading material waiting to be read to solve the problem of time-pass.

4 thoughts on “Frustration.”

  1. If I couldn’t get my daily fix of online newspapers, I wouldn’t be at a loss. I have plenty of books sitting patiently waiting to be read. And there are plenty of radio programmes. In any case, physical newspapers are published every day except Christmas Day, so if I was really desperate I could just nip to the corner shop and buy one.

    1. I wish that we too had just one day in a year without hard copy newspapers. I have tried online crossword puzzles. They are not as comfortable as sitting in a sofa and doing it in style and comfort.

  2. My reading is now basically all online – mostly other peoples’ blogs, but also scanning the some news – a game I like to play online – occasionally an e-book via my local library service. I don’t truly have any piles of unread books but that’s okay.
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